Branded by Fire

Branded by Fire

Nalini Singh / Jun 01, 2020

Branded by Fire Though DarkRiver sentinel Mercy is feeling the pressure to mate she savagely resists when Riley Kincaid a lieutenant from the SnowDancer pack tries to possess her The problem is not simply that he

  • Title: Branded by Fire
  • Author: Nalini Singh
  • ISBN: 9780575100053
  • Page: 253
  • Format: Paperback
  • Though DarkRiver sentinel Mercy is feeling the pressure to mate, she savagely resists when Riley Kincaid, a lieutenant from the SnowDancer pack, tries to possess her The problem is not simply that he pushes her buttons the problem is that he s a wolf, she s a cat, and they re both used to being on top.But when a brilliant changeling researcher is kidnapped from DarkRiverThough DarkRiver sentinel Mercy is feeling the pressure to mate, she savagely resists when Riley Kincaid, a lieutenant from the SnowDancer pack, tries to possess her The problem is not simply that he pushes her buttons the problem is that he s a wolf, she s a cat, and they re both used to being on top.But when a brilliant changeling researcher is kidnapped from DarkRiver territory, Mercy and Riley must work together to track the young man before his shadowy captors decide he s no longer useful Along the way, the two dominants may find that submitting to one another uncovers not just a deadly conspiracy, but a passion so raw that it ll leave them both branded by fire

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    1. Branded by Fire was a good read, but at times Mercy annoyed me. She would act a little bitchy at times and go on and on about how she was a dominant female. Blah blah blah if I had to hear about her dominant ass one more time I would have ripped my hair out. Just saying I get it she is a dominant female and they are hard to mate. Riley was a saint for putting up with Mercy's ass. He was sexy, at times very sweet, protective and supportive! Riley made the book for me.

    2. Wow. This was the sexiest book so far, with the strongest charactersI know it's stupid to read a series and say for every new book that it's your new favorite, but I just have toThis one is my new Psy-Changeling favoriteRiley and Mercy were fan-fucking-tastic! A luitenant and a sentinel for two opposite packs, they couldn't stand each other even though there was a massive sexual attraction in the equasion. In the beginning of the book (and my, this was a shock to the system), I think it was chap [...]

    3. 4,5 STARSFinally, I had some free time to continue reading this fantastic series. And as per usual I really enjoyed reading this story or any story in this series so far. This one was a bit different since we don't get a changeling and psy couple but two changelings trying to find their luck in love. All I can say is that I really hoped this would be a fantastic read and thankfully my hopes have been heard. :)

    4. The fascinating Psy/Changeling world continues…6th book in the series…and so good!!!Riley Kincaid, a Wolf Changeling and the Senior Lieutenant of the SnowDancer wolf packMercy Smith, a Leopard Changeling and a Sentinel of the DarkRiver leopard pack - both dominant and totally into each other!!! I loved this book. Riley is awesome, sexy, hot and sooo alpha!!! And Mercy…wow, I adored this kick-ass, independent, take no shit dominant woman!!!!!The raw passion, the sexual tension, their incred [...]

    5. 4 to 4 1/2 INTENSE and STEAMY Stars!!!Another AMAZING addition to my FAVORITE paranormal series!!!I LOVED so much about this book! I LOVED the hero and heroine (Mercy has become one of my all-time favorite heroines), the banter, the romance, the cast of secondary characters, the varying points-of-view, and the complex word building. However–and I can't believe I'm saying this–I felt there was too much sex in this book. Gasp! I found the abundance of sex distracting. In fact, I was skimming p [...]

    6. Before I wrote a review on this book, I had to sleep on it. I was trying to figure out a way to express my feelings about Mercy. She annoyed the crap out of me for the majority of this book. I felt so bad about it. I love strong women. I am definitely a reader who wants a strong, independent heroine in a story, yet I like the sweet heroines as well. I just like well-written heroines. Mercy was certainly well-written. I can't say I fault Nalini Singh for writing a book about an interesting charac [...]

    7. 5 Stars!! - YOWZA!!! I felt Branded by Fire, alright!!!September 2011 - Review to come But just a few thoughts, for now This is probably my favourite of the series, so far, along with Dorian's and Ashaya's book and the first book with Lucas and Sascha (which will always have a special place in my heart). I adore the DarkRiver alpha couple. *sighs* And I loved Mercy and Riley. LOVING this series!!!March 2012 - Finally wrote my review.Also reviewed at: Lady Jayne's Reading DenThis installment of t [...]

    8. My favorite of this series so far! This book should be considered a science book because woo-wee, these two had some major chemistry going on!oh yeah, the sparks were flying!The romance in this book is between Mercy, a female leopard changeling:And, Riley, a male wolf changeling:what the hell, let's use Joe. It's hard to find a specimen more perfect!They are different "animals" that don't really mix. But, they also have a huge attraction for each other and have to work together a lot because of [...]

    9. Branded by Fire starts out with some fireworks as Mercy, a top sentinel in the Dark River leopard pack, has a hot forbidden interlude with Riley, the second to the alpha of the Snow Dancer wolf pack. She is a dominant alpha female in her pack which makes her fear that she will never find a mate because she would need someone more dominant than her and she doesn’t think she would be able to submit to a mate the way she would need to. Riley is a stubborn, protective, by-the-rules man who is help [...]

    10. *** 4.25 ***A buddy read with Jo and Angela at the PNR hot corner of BB&B Wow!!! I have to say - Nalini not only knows how to create an imaginative and fascinating world, but she can create a chemistry between her characters that sizzles and sets the pages on fire!!! In the cold world of Psy and the hot world of the Changelings, the Humans have been relegated to a tertiary place in the world order. ANd not surprisingly, they resent it. Beginning with the previous book, the Human Alliance has [...]

    11. I've been struggling with this review since yesterday, trying to figure out why this book didn't earn a 5-star rating from me. I loved Riley, I liked Mercy, I enjoyed the plot and the new developments in the series' story arc - especially the introduction of Bowen, a new secondary character with all the signs of a future hero - and, last but not least, Hawke (oh, how I love thee!) had some major scenes that had me drooling all over the pages. So what was "wrong" with this latest installment in t [...]

    12. 5 stars – Paranormal RomanceNalini Singh delivers yet another exceptional addition to the superb Psy-Changeling series. I’ve read all of the six (currently released) books in the series over the past couple of weeks, and it’s amazing that they keep getting better each time and that there are still so many wondrous possibilities for the future. One of the main things that makes this series so fantastic is the terrific balance of unique, spellbinding world building and steamy, sensual romanc [...]

    13. 4.5 I loved these guys!!I love strong characters, I can't help myself. It's hard for me to really like a weak woman and it's impossible to like idiots (and that's kind of what I've been getting lately). So you have no idea how happy I am to finally find a badass couple!This couple is great, the plot is wonderfully captivating and, as always, the world builder is off the charts. What more can you want from a UF? It's definitely the best book in this series (so far)!

    14. Re-reading my favorite series again ;-) 12/09/2016 Buddy reading my favorite series with the wonderful Choko and Angela! “But sometimes, the human heart loves so deeply that it overcomes the objections of the animal.” Things have been peaceful lately for the DarkRiver cats and the SnowDancer wolves. But they knew it wouldn’t last and when a changeling researcher is kidnapped, Mercy a DarkRiver Sentinel and Riley a SnowDancer lieutenant must work together to find him before it’s too late. [...]

    15. Branded by Fire is the perfect title for this book! It’s definitely the hottest of the series so far! Riley, the SnowDancer lieutenant and Mercy, the DarkRiver sentinel are at from the get-go! They are HAWT, HAWT, HAWT!!!Mercy doesn’t take shit from anyone. It’s one of the reasons why she is so damn good as a sentinel. But with her strength comes scrutiny. Gender roles come into play in this book and even though Riley initially wanted a domestic mate, he can’t seem to stay away from Merc [...]

    16. I'm soooo happy I'd read Branded by Fire before, and I must said this book is one of the best of Psy Changeling series! Beside Play of Passion and Kiss of Snow. What can I said? Kincaid Brothers are sexy as hell and Hawke, their alpha more sexy than hell, LOL!And Riley and Mercy are my favorite couple beside Elena-Raphael !So, when Nalini held a contest to support her at DA BWAHA (vote for her book ), I'm never imagined I will win. I just want to vote, because Archangel's Kiss is my top ten read [...]

    17. Who says that a wolf and a cat can't ever be together? Riley and Mercy sure do make an explosive combination but that only adds to the awesomeness of this book!MercyRileyThey don't seem to fit together do they?How about?Much better huh?I LOVE Mercy and Riley. They are prepared to fight for what they want. Tbh what I like most in this book is that they seem to first get to know each other and then start to be attracted. I know that the mating bond gives a metaphysical excuse to insta-love but I l [...]

    18. I read this book last week, but I've been so busy I haven't had a chance to review it. In fact, I've already read another two books since. Oh well, better late than never.I really liked this installment in the Psy-Changeling series. I liked that the relationship took off early in the book oh boy, did it ever and that the couple was pretty open and honest about their nearly impossible future. Mercy is a leopard sentinal. Riley is a wolf lieutenant. They've been partnered to watch over a particu [...]

    19. 5++++++ (How many "+" are allowed?LOL)How could I ever forgot why this is one of my top fav books?! Seriously, this book was just beyond words, I do understand now why I wasn't able to write a review about it the first time I read it; but now, after reading it for a second time, I just feel like I NEED to do a review. Does that make any sense for you?LOL, it's weird, first I felt I didn't want to write it because I would never be able to show you guys in words how much I felt with this book but [...]

    20. 3.5 starsThis is not a bad rating, I actually quite enjoyed this book, just not as much as I thought I would. It started off really well, I mean, it was hot and what a great introduction! Sucked me right in. But, after a while, I just found the story lacking. The love story wasn't as good as usual, sure this time it's two dominant changelings, so I knew it was going to be different, but it was just too different for me, I guess. Riley and Mercy got involved right away and I don't mind that but i [...]

    21. This has always been one of my favorite books in this series - I love the dominance of Mercy, and how that plays against the dominance of Riley. I love how committed they both end up being to figuring it out. I love that the romance is effortlessly woven into the plot, and an important part of everything that's going on. I love that there isn't unnecessary drama that bleeds over into the life-and-death things going on in the world.Plus, Mercy and Riley burn up the pages. I've said in a lot of re [...]

    22. ★★★★½ (This is a review of the audiobook.) Angela Dawe continues to narrate the wonderful Psy-Changeling series, and with the sixth book she delivers her usual excellent job of distinguishing the male and female characters. However, I must admit I’m impressed with the way she does the children; there is innocence in her tone that comes across. She is one of the readers I seek out when choosing my next audiobook.Willow, a lynx cub who is traumatized when her brother, Nash, a MIT studen [...]

    23. This book had heat, chemistry, sensuality was sexy as hell! Some of the books in this series were low on the steam factor. What they all had was wonderful romance, suspense, good characters, interesting dialogue, excellent writing that kept me glued to my kindle. This book had all of that stuff and HEAT HEAT HEAT! Riley is a lieutenant for SnowDancer, and Mercy is a sentinel for DarkRiver. Two changeling groups that are allies, but with Riley being a wolf and Mercy a leopard it presents unique i [...]

    24. DNF @ 40% and the second star goes to the political power play.Mercy started to remind me too much of Kaderin.I am all for female empowerment. I am all for stories that show us that being a woman is not an automatic restriction for anything we want to achieve. Over the course of the past five books, we've been told how intelligent the changelings are, in spite of the general perception that they are a part-animal race and, therefore, not as clever as the Psy's. I won't dispute it. Although, I ha [...]

    25. Up until I love every single book of this series and they all have a rating of at least 4 & 5 Stars. This one unfortunately and it was a tough choice to make. 3 “Wildfire & Solid, Rooted Earth” Stars. It is the year 2080 and the silent war is still being fought. Between the Psy and the Changelings. But there is a factor that they hadn’t taken into consideration. The humans or in this case the Human Alliance. Be it humans, Psy or Changelings neither likes change. But is some cases c [...]

    26. RILEY KINCAID BITE MEPRETTY PLEASESorry Clay, but Riley has usurped your place as my favcourite Changeling. You can still be my favourite DarkRiver guy, but Riley *growls* so HAWT! This is hands down my favourite book in the series (so far!) not only because Riley is so hot that I spontaneously orgasm when I hear his name, but because Mercy was pretty damn awesome as well. She was a strong female lead who really made Riley work for her affections. I loved her! But apart from being an ass kicking [...]

    27. La historia de Mercy y Riley me llamaba mucho la atencion, no solo porque la protagonista era la unica centinela del clan DarkRiver sino tambien porque era el primer libro de esta saga que tendria a un lobo como protagonista, ya que hasta el momento solo habiamos conocido las historias del clan de los leopardos.Admito que los primeros capitulos me resultaron un poco lentos, pero desde el momento en el que la pareja protagonista empieza a interactuar se vuelve mucho mas fluido, en esta ocasion la [...]

    28. The first time I'd read these books, I focused more on the couple the book features rather than the rest of it. I must admit you shouldn't believe the times it says I read some of these books. I must have read the first one more than a couple of times. I read parts of some of them every now and then. As for Branded by Fire, this is my second time reading it. I appreciate it so much more now. Don't get me wrong, I loved it the first time I'd read it too. However, this time I paid attention to all [...]

    29. I stopped reading Nalini Singh’s Psy/Changeling series when I finished Hostage to Pleasure back in August 2009. I’m not a sci-fi fan, and while the writing was good and I was enjoying the Changelings, I wasn’t at all interested in the Psy storyline, which is integral to the series.Throughout the 17 months since deciding not to continue with this series, I have continued to see very positive reviews for the books in this series, and lively discussions from its legion of fans. Because I like [...]

    30. I so love this series, this author, this book. I will admit to not loving Mercy as much as Riley. I think it's because they are both so dominate. I felt like I needed to pick a side so I did. Riley. But I love the characters in this book and series. More than the other books in this series, this one spent more time with other characters and I loved it. The surprise for Lucas and Sascha, the moments with Judd, the time with Vaughn and his Red, Faith, -- all so wonderful. I loved it all.This world [...]

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