Thor the Mighty Avenger, Vol. 1

Thor the Mighty Avenger, Vol. 1

Roger Langridge Chris Samnee Matthew Wilson / Dec 15, 2019

Thor the Mighty Avenger Vol He s banished he s mad and he wants to FIGHT Roger Langridge Muppet Show Eisner and Harvey Award nominee and Chris Samnee Siege Embedded The Mighty re imagine the God of Thunder in Thor the Mighty

  • Title: Thor the Mighty Avenger, Vol. 1
  • Author: Roger Langridge Chris Samnee Matthew Wilson
  • ISBN: 9780785141211
  • Page: 281
  • Format: Paperback
  • He s banished, he s mad, and he wants to FIGHT Roger Langridge Muppet Show, Eisner and Harvey Award nominee and Chris Samnee Siege Embedded, The Mighty re imagine the God of Thunder in Thor the Mighty Avenger THRILL as he battles robots the size of cities GASP as he tames the mightiest sea creatures SWOON as he rescues damsels from the vilest villains It s Thor aHe s banished, he s mad, and he wants to FIGHT Roger Langridge Muppet Show, Eisner and Harvey Award nominee and Chris Samnee Siege Embedded, The Mighty re imagine the God of Thunder in Thor the Mighty Avenger THRILL as he battles robots the size of cities GASP as he tames the mightiest sea creatures SWOON as he rescues damsels from the vilest villains It s Thor as you ve NEVER seen him, hammering his way into your hands every month COLLECTING Thor the Mighty Avenger 1 4, Journey Into Mystery 83 84

    Thor The Mighty Avenger The Complete Mar , Thor is shown as strong, powerful and capable of holding his ground, but he isn t perfect He s eager to fight, head strong and can make mistakes This Thor has a few weaknesses, but it makes it a lot satisfying when he overcomes the odds that are stacked against him. Thor the Mighty The Avengers Earth s Mightiest Heroes Thor Marvel Comics Mighty Thor Comic Books Marvel Marvel is the source for Marvel comics, digital comics, comic strips, and featuring Iron Man, Spider Man, Hulk, X Men and all your favorite superheroes. thor the mighty Mighty Thor Vol The Death of the Mighty Thor Mighty Thor by Jason Aaron , Russell Dauterman , et al Dec , . out of stars Mighty Thor TV Series Sep , Don Blake changed into what turned out to be his true form, Thor, the Norse God of Thunder and Lightning and the stick became his mighty hammer, Mjolnir This series follows his adventures as he battles against the enemies of Migard Earth from threats like his evil half brother, Loki.

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      • Roger Langridge Chris Samnee Matthew Wilson

        Roger Langridge has been producing comics for over twenty years Most recently, he has attracted critical attention for his work on the Harvey Award winning Muppet Show Comic Book Boom Studios and Thor The Mighty Avenger Marvel Comics other works of note include Marvel s Fin Fang Four, Fantagraphics Zoot and Art d Ecco in collaboration with his brother Andrew , and the NCS, Ignatz, Eisner and Harvey Award nominated comic book Fred the Clown He currently lives in London with his wife Sylvie, their two children and a box of his own hair.


    1. An all-ages book means not it is juvenile or insipid, but accessible to younger readers with a story that isn’t steep in decades old continuity and yet enough to interest even an established older fan. This concept was once embodied by the all too short run of Thor, The Mighty Avenger, a title lauded by comic book critics for its excellent updating of the mythos and by librarians for its suitability for young adult readers.This is a well written and well drawn that took advantage of it being s [...]

    2. I really liked the Thor movie, but had no idea where to start in Thor comics. There's a lot of continuity to worry about there. The Mighty Avenger is perfect for people like me, who like the character but don't want to figure out how over 40 years of backstory is influencing the storyline. The premise is similar to the plot of the movie (I have no idea if this is because the movie's plot sticks closely to mainstream Marvel continuity) so it's pretty much familiar ground. I was confused by the ch [...]

    3. Thor, at least in the manner by which Marvel has defined him, is a character who probably shouldn't interest me. I grew up loving various non-American mythologies and found the cultures that produced them to be interesting. Greek, Roman, Japanese, Norse—oh how I loved the Norse mythologies. And the idea of that Norse mythos coming to life in contemporary North America sounds delectable in purely conceptual terms. It's just the loud, boisterously costumed Jack-Kirby Asgardians that I couldn't g [...]

    4. While this comic wasn't bad by any means, it can definitely be skipped by the casual Marvel fan. Much of the plot is vaguely similar to the first Thor movie, and the minimalist art is nothing to write home about. Thor's personality is not very well developed, other than his overdeveloped sense of honor and general childishness. Jane Foster's infatuation with him is not very believably explained either (who lets a crazy homeless person come live with them?). Gripes aside, it had a satisfactory, i [...]

    5. I'm absolutely adoring this little series. It's a self-contained story that doesn't require branching out to tons of different comic titles to understand the plot. It's a bit of a remake and update of a Thor origin story. The characters are both drawn and written in a very cute and amiable way that had me grinning like a dork through the whole thing. It was a bit like the 2011 Thor movie premise with Thor and Jane's meeting and his being an odd Asgardian not knowing what's going on with Midgard [...]

    6. A fun, light-hearted comic with a sense of humor and a legitimately all-ages story? Say it's so, Marvel! Thor: The Mighty Avenger is such a relief to me. I love Marvel comics, but their constant events have worn me out to the point I'm barely reading any Marvel books now. I picked up this version of Thor on a dare, basically, and I'm glad I did. It's exactly the palate cleanser I needed, concentrated on a good story (Thor's banished, though he doesn't know why), and giving it to us at an all-age [...]

    7. I enjoyed it more than I thought I wouldJust finished the Walt Simonson Thor and thought that was great, initially I was put off on the illustrating style but got used to it.The story’s good though, an bit of an origin story of how Thor cam to earth, mainly because his dad was pissed at him. Throw in Loki, Giant Man, Capt. Britain, and Hogun, Fandral, and Volstagg, and it turned into a nice little story arc. Not very long but enough, only a third the size of the Simonson years. But just fun.

    8. I picked up Thor the Mighty Avenger at my library yesterday. I wasn't sure exactly what to except when I decide to pick it up. I thought the art looked amazing, but a good comic takes more than amazing art. After reading the first issue in the trade I realized I knew the author, Roger Langridge. He is an amazing artist and writer. I was a little surprised to see he was writing the book only. I would have loved to see his style for this book. Of course that would have been a lot of work for him.T [...]

    9. Thor's origin is re-imagined by Roger Langridge and Chris Samnee, in this, the first in a two-part mini. Here, Thor is brought down to a digest sized, all-ages adventure, vaguely mirroring the film. He spends his time wooing Jane, having amnesia, and punching familiar dudes in the head. Nothing ambitious is done with the blank slate approach, aiming for familiarity, but it is nice to read a Thor book with no missing pre-text. Samnee's art is great, and Langridge's script is perfectly acceptable. [...]

    10. This was okay.Probably aimed at a younger audience and thus, no real thrills here, just a nice light read with superb illustration.Well, ok, I have to say it, there was one really stupid quote that I cannot let go.Thor says "This is useless, Jane. Even with only a rudimentary grasp of your written language I can see that."Yeah, I am sure "rudimentary" was among the first 15 words that Thor learned. Heh heh.

    11. This is one of the best comic books of all time. The art is just plain amazing and the writing is fantastic. From exploring the little nuances of the relationship between Thor and Jane to the fantasy style battles with monsters and even Namor. I can't say enough about the art in this series. Its some of the best in the modern era. If you haven't read this series, you got to get on it!

    12. Made me laugh and enjoyed the art. Not the biggest fan of the reprint of the original, although it was cool to see.

    13. I like it when stories are canon. These stories are so not canon they are other-worldly. I like other-worldly stories [parallel universes, etc]. Oh these are not the usual Marvel universe [in my mind at least] they are from a parallel universe. Okay. I can deal with that. Still not great but pretty good.

    14. Bloody live for comics! They’re so so good! Thor is such a cutie and I love seeing the contrast on how he’s portrayed (completely different from Uncle Rick’s portrayal lol!) it’s about identity and a bit of romance and it’s just so funny and fun to read as well. I LOVE MARVEL

    15. Wet rag that razzed my berries.A flash to the past! Traditional comic art, dated speech, minor amount of misogyny. Woman falls for the tall hunky blonde bum, and assumes the ugly brunette bum is pure evil. Rough start but ended fun.

    16. Thor the mighty avengerA perfect comic for Marvel Fans & Thor Fans Also with great story and animation and likable characters it is Marvels Best Comic

    17. Marvel must have hired the laziest artists to do this one, which is a shame when the writing is good.Thor the Mighty Avenger follows Thor after he was banished from Asgard for his arrogance. While on Earth, he smashes up a museum looking for Mjolnir (the hammer), and attracts the attention of curator Jane Foster. Jane helps Thor adjust to life on Earth, and tends to his injuries after he got into a fight with a supervillain. Jane is not a shallow character, since she has to maintain the Norse my [...]

    18. I had heard many good things about Thor the Mighty Avenger, but didn't really know what kind of book this was before I started reading. It appears to be an all-ages Thor book that was designed for people who wanted to get into the character for the first time. I have only seen the movie and this was my first Thor comic so I would say I was the right audience for this book. I thought it was very easy to follow along with Thor and Jane having similar characterizations to the movie. The all-ages pa [...]

    19. Landridge and Samnee have created a great title here; while it feels a lot like comics of the 60's and 70's, it's been updated with enough modern sensibility that it's not just goofy and corny. Instead we get a great origin story for Thor, as well as a couple of really fun adventures and some threads hinting at a bigger story (mostly that Thor is on Earth for being an egotistical jerk up in Asgard and daddy Odin kicked him down to find a little humility). By far my favorite part, though, is the [...]

    20. "Swooningly romantic" is not the first descriptor that comes to mind when you think of a comic book starring a burly Norseman whose favorite approach to problem-solving involves hitting things with a hammer. Ditto "endearingly heartfelt." But writer Roger Langridge and artist Chris Samnee have wrought a tiny, lovely miracle in this book and its subsequent volume: A superhero comic packed with plenty of action, but also honestly funny, well-characterized, and practically bursting with tender emot [...]

    21. The graphic novel Thor the mighty avenger, by Roger Langridge, Chris Samnee, and Matthew Wilson is a wonderful graphic novel with so much action. In the beginning the god of lightning, Thor finds himself stranded in Midgard(earth) and he meets a woman named Jane Foster. Jane then takes Thor to the museum and when Thor finds his hammer, mjolnir, he then tries to find his way to his home, Asgard, but he fails. He then sees Loki, and Loki makes him insane, and when he sees a frost giant instead of [...]

    22. The best parts about this volumes are the similarities between it and the movie (I'm a sucker for those kinds of echoes) and the reprints of the original Thor comics. The new version is kind of silly and offensive.The 2010 comic is a fun, lighthearted restyling of those earlier comics in tone, and the story maintains a small amount of gravity that seems to be there just to support the Golden-Age-today vibe. Gravity shouldn't be a MacGuffin for a gimmick, which is what most of the story feels lik [...]

    23. Premise: This book collects the first four issues of the most recent all-ages Thor series, along with a reprint of Thor’s first appearance from 1962. Jane Foster is a historian. She’s already having trouble with her job at the museum and trouble with her love life, when an affable Asgardian appears one day to turn the world on its ear.This was impossibly cute. I absolutely adored it.This series reboots Thor from the ground up, so you don’t need to know anything going in. There’s humor an [...]

    24. I believe this is the beginning of Marvel's "reset" of their Avenger characters based on renewed interest from the films. I liked this book. Thor finds himself on Earth, but doesn't remember how he got there or any of the argument/fight leading up to it. He gets in Jane Foster's good graces when he saves her from the Hulk and later manages to find his hammer. This compilation contains the first four stories of Thor and most of them forward the plot. One of them was a break for some fun when Thor [...]

    25. I had heard all the great reviews over the past year on Thor The Mighty Avenger, so when I saw the first trade at my local half-price books tonight, I figured I would check it out. Now, This book comes from Marvels all ages line of books. In comics, as often in cinema, "all ages" is code for dumbed down stories for kids, such as Beverly Hills Chawawa or Gnomno and Juliet. But all ages films as give us greats like Toy Story or How to Train Your Dragon. Lucky, Thor, TMA has more in comon with the [...]

    26. A delightful book. Landridge tells sweet tales of a Thunder God lost in the modern world, aided to a great degree by Chris Samnee's subtle and evocative artwork. Samnee uses deceptively simply figures in which not a line is wasted. Nearly every facial expression in this book could be framed and enjoyed on its own, but while each of these panels is a joy, they never get in the way of the storytelling, which is impeccable.Overall, the stories are a bit lightweight. After a two-chapter origin story [...]

    27. I liked this a lot more than I thought I would. I've never read any Thor comics before (or, I think, any superhero comics before), so it was interesting to break away from manga or more indie titles. I actually read this and the second trade paperback because of a glowing review by an artist I admire, and everything she said about it is true.The art is probably its best feature. The style is really appealing, the characters have real expressions, and the female character is real and not relegate [...]

    28. I really wanted to like this more.I really like superhero comics and like Norse myths and know the back story to Thor the Superhero and thought, what's not to like?Well, I didn't love the art, found the romance left me cold, Thor is a bit of a d*ck, and it was too short. (I feel like Woody Alan saying that).Thor has been banished to earth and has lost some memories (like, what he did to get banished). It seems that Loki might have something to do with it but Thor always seems stupider when Loki [...]

    29. This is the first volume in the reimagining of the Thor comic book character. Plus, if you look in the back, you can also see the added bonus of the first 2 original Thor comics from 50 years ago, as designed by the legendary Stan Lee (who, did you know, always has a cameo appearance in the movies based on his comics?)Thor: He’s banished, he’s mad, and he wants to fight!Some of you may be familiar with the story, if you saw the popular movie from last year. This comic retelling does not disa [...]

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