Piercing the Darkness: Undercover with Vampires in America Today

Piercing the Darkness: Undercover with Vampires in America Today

Katherine Ramsland / Dec 15, 2019

Piercing the Darkness Undercover with Vampires in America Today In the investigative reporter Susan Walsh vanished without a trace while researching New York s vampires In Piercing the Darkness Katherine Ramsland examines the journalist s frightening disapp

  • Title: Piercing the Darkness: Undercover with Vampires in America Today
  • Author: Katherine Ramsland
  • ISBN: 9780061059452
  • Page: 418
  • Format: Paperback
  • In 1996, the investigative reporter Susan Walsh vanished without a trace while researching New York s vampires In Piercing the Darkness, Katherine Ramsland examines the journalist s frightening disappearance.

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    1. This book is the perfect way to introduce you to the Awful Library Books blog. It should really be weeded--for a book that's not about technology, it has aged surprisingly badly.I mean, it was definitely more timely when it was published in 1998. This author got involved in her investigation-turned-participatory-journalism after hearing about the 1996 disappearance of Susan Walsh, a woman similarly studying and writing about the vampire subculture. But fifteen years later, I as a reader couldn't [...]

    2. What started out as an intriguing premise to investigate the murder of Susan Walsh at the hands of a secret vampire organization quickly degenerated into an cacophony of visiting vampire/goth clubs, talking to delusional people who liked to drink blood, and getting late night phone calls from a man who was clearly a pathological liar.Yes, it definitely did "Pierce the Darkness", in the fact that vampires, if they exist, are good at hiding, and the people who come forward are attention seekers, p [...]

    3. I was one of the many people whom Ms. Ramsland contacted as she was researching this book. My website, "Vampyres Only," had a thriving forum community at the time, with role players, sanguinists, and everything in between. This was a ground-breaking book at the time, and is still a worthwhile read IMHO.

    4. Being curious over Susan Walsh’s disappearance back in 1996, I decided to read this book. Walsh was a writer and exotic dancer who had been researching New York City’s underground vampire community when she disappeared. Ramsland’s original intent was to research and write a book about Walsh’s disappearance and what may have happened to her. However, after becoming fascinated with the unusual people active in this bizarre, underground world, she shifted her focus to these real life vampir [...]

    5. I'd read Ramsland's book on ghosts and ghosthunting and found her overly involved style of investigative journalism to be charming, but in Piercing the Darkness she's all over the map. She not only gives up on the narrative hook (the disappearance of another vampire-investigating journalist) less than halfway through the book, she also can't seem to organize her thoughts in a way that makes the book meaningful or coherent past its function as a type of travel journal of her vampire tour as she m [...]

    6. The author Katherine Ramsland examines the dark subculture of real life vampires in this potentially very adventurous and unique study. Unfortunately she seems to fall short of creating a gripping and informative book and instead jumps from one almost trivial and over hyped piece of subject matter to the next. The book skirts around the principles of this dark community, with no sense of direction and little purpose. The book ends disappointingly, with many questions hanging in the misty air of [...]

    7. A rare case of non-fiction that had me riveted. In 1999 I was involved in a staged production of "Dracula", which involved a set design reflective of contemporary gothic culture. For inspiration, the cast had attended the Long Black Veil night at the club Mother in NYC, which I found fascinating. I came across this book a few weeks later and was excited to see that Katherine Ramsland had been at the same club to do research for this book. As someone who is truly interested in the subject, I am a [...]

    8. Wow, Hella disturbing. This book follows a reporter and her interviews with people who consider themselves real vampires. She goes to New York City (vinyl "Cyber vampires"), Miami (young raver types), San Francisco (Victorian types) and Chicago (cultish). Some of these people are downright dangerous and twisted (which, I have to admit, makes for a fascinating read). For example, one guy used date rape drugs so he could rape and cut women (not deep, dangerous cuts). Then there are societies in Ch [...]

    9. I admire Kate Ramsland a lot. This book is not a dissapointment. The interviews were real and honest. The sub culture was examined from evry possible point of view, at some risk to the author. It brought to light some of the mystery of that vampire culture without being judgmental or preachy. The book may not be for everyone. But it is true to its purpose.

    10. I love this book and It gave me some insight to the Vampyre Subculture. However, I wanted to learn more at the time. I am more evolved since 2012 (Year of the Dragon) & 2013 (Year of the Serpent). Thank you, Dr. Ramsland!

    11. Promising and interesting concept. However, this book is incredibly boring and filled with descriptive accounts of very strange people performing sex acts in the name of "vampirism." I found myself rolling my eyes a lot of the time. Just a bunch of goths who take it to the next level. Ho hum.

    12. Constrained by the convetions of the 'true crime' genre and the narrative demands of mass market non-fiction, this is still probably the best of the 'true' vampire exposes around. A bit dated, and really as much about the author herself as the subculture she is writing about.

    13. Ms. Ramsland did her research and wrote this book with compassion and truth. I actually know some of the people she interviewed and at the time it was published this was the first vampire culture book that wasn't a load of horse manure.

    14. I really wanted to enjoy this book more. I think had I read it when it came out I would have enjoyed it but the way Ms. Ramsland writes just isn't my cup of tea. However, this may be because I'm no longer a huge Anne Rice fan so their similarities turn me off as a reader.

    15. I just read this and it was really well researched and really disturbing. She really gets under the skin of this sub-group of individuals who really think they are vampires. Some very creepy parts.

    16. 1996 disappearance of a Village Voice reporter who was studying the underground cult scene of vampires in NYC? Um yes please!

    17. Might have been much better written differently but fell short holding my interest for any length of time

    18. read this because i read 'ghost' and i was disappointed. ghost was really good.if you believe in the possibility of ghosts. not written in the same engaging manner.

    19. Fascinating but parts are unbelievable - I have to wonder if some interviewees weren't having her on! Still, I enjoy Ramsland because she does write about such unusual things.

    20. As usual, an investigation into the occult underground of America is sensationalized, misrepresented, and a bit jaded. But, I still have to give her kudos for the effort.

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