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Epitaph He sucked in a deep breath full of that strange smell he couldn t identify He trailed his hands across the satin beneath him and to both sides of him and when he raised his hands above him too He kn

  • Title: Epitaph
  • Author: Shaun Hutson
  • ISBN: 9781841497648
  • Page: 302
  • Format: Hardcover
  • He sucked in a deep breath full of that strange smell he couldn t identify He trailed his hands across the satin beneath him and to both sides of him and, when he raised his hands, above him too He knew why it was so dark He understood why he could see nothing He realized why he was lying down He was in a coffin.What would you do

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        British horror novelist, including horror and urban thriller novels.His novella Slugs was made into a movie, although Hutson didn t like the movie He also appeared in two horror movies himself.Hutson is a Liverpool F.C fan.


    1. THE BLURB:He sucked in a deep breath full of that strange smell he couldn't identify. He trailed his hands across the satin beneath him and to both sides of him and, when he raised his hands, above him too. He knew why it was so dark. He understood why he could see nothing. He realized why he was lying down. He was in a coffin. A distraught couple thinks you've killed their daughter and they want a confession. If you say you did it, they'll kill you. If you say you didn't, they'll leave you to d [...]

    2. It was alrightHave read others by Hudson and felt this was by comparison predictable, slow and just meh.Good character development but it didnt make up for the ending. feel a little dissapointed.Still an easy enjoyable read. Would be more impressive if i hadnt read others by Hudson.

    3. SPOILER ALERT! An interesting and fairly well written and descriptive novel by Mr Hutson who has come a long way since his "slugfest days. However I felt there were loopholes and gaps that should have been filled in, the little girl's story could have been expanded a bit more and not in terms of descriptions of what happened to her, but it did seem rather abrupt and what was the point of Tish? Ok I understand that Hutson didn't want to mention Gina as it would have given the game away as to the [...]

    4. Epitaph by Shaun Hutson isn’t for the faint hearted! An incredibly faced paced horror-thriller. Epitaph is a story of revenge, child abuse and murder – a most heinous murder.Eight year old Laura Hacket is on her way home from school, the final day of the summer term – she has seven weeks of holiday ahead and so much to live for. Unfortunately for Laura, she won’t get to enjoy her break, she won’t get to see her parents again and she won’t get to play with her friends. Laura is abduct [...]

    5. Nice if not terribly original premise, horrible -horrible!- execution. The characters, ALL of them, are unidimensional, they don't grow and they aren't likeable. They spend the time bitching, moaning and wallowing in self pity (I was fed up with Paul right from the start). The plot was predictable. (view spoiler)[5 pages in and I already knew what was going to happen. I couldn't believe that was all there was to it so I kept hoping there was some kind of twist in the end, but no.(hide spoiler)]T [...]

    6. Though the plot has the rather pleasing pace of most other Hutson stories, it is the characters that are hard to follow as non of them at worthy of sympathy.I could understand why they felt the way that they did but their choices just made them into people I really couldn't care about.I guessed what would happen in the ending, I suppose this type of story needed a twist so it was easy to work out what was going to happen.So, to sum up, easy to read, held no surprises, had unlikeable characters ( [...]

    7. 'What would you do?' A decent read. A reminder of why I have enjoyed reading Shaun Hudson in the past. The short chapters worked a treat to build the tension as the story progressed, and chopping and changing from everyone's point of view and the flashbacks (something that more often than not bugs me in books) made for easy reading and bought the story together nicely. My only major gripe with it would be that one last ridiculously obvious sentence any the end of a lot of the chapters. I just fe [...]

    8. This book was a bit of a drag to begin with and I put it one side for a while partly for this reason. But on finishing it just 15 minutes ago I have to say I'm glad I picked it up again. I wouldn't say it was one of Shauns best but it gripped me enough to want to know how it ended. It wasn't predictable, things could have gone either way really and as usual with Shaun, he threw in a bit of gore, and a bit of sex. I also found it disturbing when reading about the main subject which let's face it [...]

    9. well its been a long time since i have read a hutson book and i remember them being thrilling chilling scary and horror but then i was also a lot youngeris waa all just a bit tame and relatively predictable however not ad read really.

    10. I guessed the ending quite early on which was disappointing! The switching pov's make it easy to read as it's in short chunks. It's an easy read - but not one of his best by far.

    11. One of the first books by Shaun that I have read. Was fairly enjoyable, I like the short chapters and how he writes the "thoughts" of his characters so you get an idea of how they feel

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