Excalibur: The Legend of King Arthur

Excalibur: The Legend of King Arthur

Tony Lee Sam Hart / Feb 21, 2020

Excalibur The Legend of King Arthur ALBION IS AT WAR Ruled by the murderous King Ulric for too long its people are desperate for justice Arthur son of Uther Pendragon is their last hope Now of age Arthur can fulfill a long standing

  • Title: Excalibur: The Legend of King Arthur
  • Author: Tony Lee Sam Hart
  • ISBN: 9780763646448
  • Page: 214
  • Format: Hardcover
  • ALBION IS AT WAR.Ruled by the murderous King Ulric for too long, its people are desperate for justice Arthur, son of Uther Pendragon, is their last hope Now of age, Arthur can fulfill a long standing prophecy by freeing the enchanted Caliburn from its sheath on Stone Hill Finally the land will have its true king But Arthur s future is uncertain Not only does his half ALBION IS AT WAR.Ruled by the murderous King Ulric for too long, its people are desperate for justice Arthur, son of Uther Pendragon, is their last hope Now of age, Arthur can fulfill a long standing prophecy by freeing the enchanted Caliburn from its sheath on Stone Hill Finally the land will have its true king But Arthur s future is uncertain Not only does his half sister Morgana, have a vengeful score to settle those whom he trusts most are also destined to betray him.

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    1. I wasn't enthused by this. I'm by no means a huge fan of Arthurian legend, so it's not like it bothers me when a new work deviates from the standard. It only bothers me when the changes lead to moments that don't ring true. For some reason, Lee felt like he had to make the whole Arthur/Guinevere/Lancelot love triangle even more complicated. See, Arthur was really in love with Vivianne, the Lady of the Lake, all along. He just had Merlin erase his memories of loving her because as king, he would [...]

    2. Obviously, when I saw this in the library, I couldn't pass it up. It's Arthurian, it's a graphic novel, and it's not just a straight retelling of the original stories. To me, that's actually a good thing as long as it hangs together, and this more or less did. I think the main problem is that there's far too much of the Arthurian legend to reduce into a single volume. Either you have to pick something particular to focus on, or you have to take your time. This felt a bit rushed. (On that score, [...]

    3. Really? This is what you give me for an Arthurian legend? You keep Cei from the sword in the stone, but you make him the funny, sunny foster brother? Then there's all that stuff about Avalon and you've got good fairies (I'm not going to call them Fae or Faeries, I'm going to spell like we spell now!)I just don't buy it.Look, we've all had a lot of fun with Arthurian legend, but until you're ready to produce a full scale, really well put together cohesive legend,* (and by well put together, I inc [...]

    4. Warning: I don’t know the legends of Arthur very well… and by very well, I mean that everything I know has been told to me by either one of my best friends, or from the BBC television show Merlin (which, don’t freak out, I know is VERY inaccurate according to the legends, but is fun to watch nevertheless).In a graphic novel, the most important thing to me is the art. A good story can be ruined if the art doesn't match the tone of the book or if the art is just plain bad. Fortunately, the a [...]

    5. The Arthurian Legend is an enduring classic of epic proportions. It has been tweaked, twisted, twirled and rewritten from varying viewpoints over the ages. And when you translate it into a hefty graphic novel and add the supernatural element of the Faery realm to it, you have yet another superb retelling of the ultimate medieval hero-king.While it is difficult to encapsulate all the trysts and adventures of King Arthur, what we have here is a coming-of-age tale. The transformation of a scrawny l [...]

    6. While I am a fan of the Arthur legend, I was not impressed by this novel. First, I found the graphics to be on the 'meh' side and that is the driving force for me to read a graphic novel in the first place. The drawings were simple and the colors almost seemed one-toned. There wasn't anything unique about them at all.Because of this, I decided to give this one a pass.

    7. While a good book, I don't like this take on the Arthur series and found it was involved too heavily in boring magic like stuff.

    8. in a sentence or so: Albion is at war and Arthur knows he is destined to unite the land. the problem is, there are many who stand in his way - purposefully or unintentionally.Uther Pendragon makes a deal with the fae of the Unseelie Court that results in the kidnapping of Arthur (for his own safety) and the abduction of Morgana (not for her own safety). Albion is in turmoil as they wait for the once and future king to return and rescue them from craptastic King Ulrich. just when Arthur starts to [...]

    9. The art has its ups and downs, which really shouldn't be brushed aside because this is a visual medium, not just a book. I'm not a big fan of characters not having eyeballs 99% of the time (think if every character were Brock from "Pokemon" and walked around 24/7 with their eyes seemingly shut). I generally liked it on my first read-through, but it doesn't survive a second very well at all.I'm very confused about why Arthur has such acclaim. Most of his great works appear to happen 'off-screen' [...]

    10. Both author and illustrator come to this graphic novel with an impressive portfolio of previous works. Lee has admirably compressed the story of Arthur, making it accessible to comic book aficionados and reluctant readers alike. Illustrator Hart works the narrative in shades of ambers and grays, alternating between startling closeups rife with detail and mysterious distant scenes in which there may be only a suggestion of an eye on a face. When Arthur pulls the sword Excalibur from the stone, Ha [...]

    11. Reason for Reading: I had read Lee's earlier book Outlaw: The Legend of Robin Hood and was anxious to read this one.This book, surprisingly, takes very different angles of the King Arthur legend to focus on than the usual run-of-them mill retelling aimed at children/teens. The story of Camelot and the knights' adventures is not a focus here. Camelot is briefly in the story but the main focus is on Arthur's early years, obtaining the sword in the stone and his early years as king. All the major p [...]

    12. Arthur, son of Uther Pendragon, is a stable boy that is destined to one day be King. All he has to do is pull the sword from the stone. In doing so, he begins an adventure of betrayal, deceit, and discovery that will shape the ages.I always was a fan of the Arthur legend. I even enjoy Monty Python’s spoof of the legend. However, I have always waited for that one version of the story to get it exactly right. After provoking up this graphic novel, I was hoping this would be it. It was not. Howev [...]

    13. One of the things I love most about Arthurian legend - and the thing that fascinates me the most - is how varied it can be. Details, names, events can change, both subtly and dramatically, depending on the source material. This provides a lot of leeway when telling an Arthurian story; since there is no 100% definitive legend, you can use what you like, discard what you don't. That being said, I was disappointed by what the author kept/discarded/changed for this GN adaptation. The introduction of [...]

    14. Lee, T & Hart, S. (2011). Excalibur: The legend of King Arthur, a graphic novel. New York, NY: Candlewick Press.Target Audience: Ages 10 and up (4.6 stars)Genre: HeroThe legend of King Arthur is brought to life by Lee and Hart in their graphic novel adaptation of a world renowned folktale. The rise and fall of King Arthur is a tale that has been retold so many times it is hard to believe it could still be told in a unique and moving way. However, that is exactly what Lee and Hart accomplish. [...]

    15. I enjoyed this overview of the Arthurian legend, going from Arthur's obscure beginnings as the ward of Sir Ector, to the pulling of the sword from the stone, to the affair of Lancelot and Guinevere, and finally his sacrifice and fall at Camlann. The author provides a good, many-layered story, creating interesting subplots (such as Arthur's time in Avalon learning king-craft, his love for Vivianne, the Lady of the Lake that he begged Merlin to make him forget so he could do his duty as king, and [...]

    16. I read the Robin Hood graphic novel from these same guys and I really enjoyed it, so I picked up this title.To be honest, I don't actually know much at all about the King Arthur's legend, except what I learned from Monty Python & the Holy Grail and Sword in the Stone (ie Merlin turning Arthur into various animals to the tune of bad Disney animation and poorly written songs). The former gave me more actual knowledge of the tale.Yep. That's Camelot alright.Anyway, reading this graphic novel wa [...]

    17. Other than my childhood obsession with Arthur – aided by a traveling exhibit of medieval armor that my friends and I drooled over at the Seattle Center back in the early 80s, as well as one summer between eighth grade and freshman year in which I devoured both Roger Lancelyn Green’s and John Steinbeck’s books on King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table (Sir Thomas Mallory’s seminal text was still a few years away in sophomore year) – what initially drew me to this was writer Tony [...]

    18. Tony Lee and Sam Hart combine to bring the classic Arthurian legend to the graphic novel crowd. Beginning with a very short recap of Arthur's birth and the duel that left Ulric in charge of Briton, the book sets the stage for a very rushed interpretation of the legendary leader. Arthur is thrust into the faerie realm to prepare for his destiny, growing in prowess while eyeing the mystical Lady of the Lake, Vivianne. Upon defeating Ulric, we jump to a duel between Merlin and Morgana - the outcome [...]

    19. Tony Lee and Sam Hart have crafted a nice interpretation of Arthurian legend with this graphic novel. It definitely strays a bit more into the post-Tolkien realm, what with the elf-like fae of Avalon, but it makes sense for Lee and Hart to make it this way in an age where every person who reads it will most likely have seen the Lord of the Rings movies. They also do a good job of tying together several of the tales into one singular narrative. If I have a complaint, it's that it moves from one P [...]

    20. If I'm honest, I'm not really that much of a graphic novel/comic book kinda guy: I usually prefer to let my imagination do the work rather than have it 'shown' to me (which is also why I don't always like TV/movie adaptations).Having said that, I thought I would give this one a go anyway. A retelling of the Arthurian legend, this takes in pretty much all the main characters and events of that legend, but not necessarily all how I was familiar with them (it involves the seelie/unseelie (i.e. faer [...]

    21. The artwork is good, but that's the only nice thing I can say about this book. The dialogue, which in my opinion is the most important part of a comic book like this, becomes so awkward and unnecessary at times that it becomes almost unreadable. At the same time, the entire comic book feels rushed and this becomes worse as the book goes on. Arthur's two year visit to the fairy realm must have taken all of six pages. Even in a comic book, making huge passageways of time that short doesn't do the [...]

    22. In this graphic novel author Tony Lee tackles the very complicated tale of King Arthur, Merlin, Guinevere, Lancelot, Morgana and the kingdom of Camelot, and does it well. It’s a nice introduction to how Arthur pulls the sword Excalibur from the stone and becomes king, marries Guinevere and amasses his knights of the round table, and has to save his kingdom from the external forces of Morgana and the internal conflict of Guinevere and Lancelot’s growing love for each other. Not to mention his [...]

    23. A fair but not amazing adaptation of the core Arthurian story. While there are many, many ways to spin this story Lee takes the tactic that Arthur and his kingdom are tied up in a competition with Faerie folk, good vs. bad, or Seelie vs. Unseelie. Not bad in concept, but surprisingly little action. I kept wanting to see Arthur really take charge or Merlin really outsmart Morgana or whiny Lancelot really do something more heroic than pine for old Guenevere. As it is I came away feeling like I rea [...]

    24. Excalibur: The Legend of King ArthurExcalibur, who doesn't know the story? Even if you know the story, this graphic novel will give you a new outlook on the original legend, but will still maintain the key elements of the magnificent story. Arthur is a young boy who is destined to pull Calibur (a magical sword) out of a mossy stone. By doing so he would be rightful king of the land. Urlic, the present tyrant of the land, challenges Arthur to a duel. To train for the duel, Arthur goes to the myst [...]

    25. Here is another graphic novel on the reading list of my YA book club: Excalibur by Lee and Hart. I don't think I need to justify why I picked this one. It's a King Arthur legend. 'Nuff said. I really liked the overview of the legend of King Arthur that this graphic novel gave. Some of the finer elements of the legend were missing, but a novice wouldn't notice. All of my favorites were in the story: Morgana, Merlin, the Lady of the Lake, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. The way everything fit tog [...]

    26. The hole book is about Arthur he was told by Merlin the magician his destiny was to be king because it was said that the true king will pull the sword and be king he will die, protect, and fight for the people. Merlin was taken to a place where he was take to trained to become a king while there he fell in love with the lady of the lake at Avalon. Merlin the sister of Arthur takes a thing that is Arthur but it will be grown in a week she will use him to kill her brother Arthur. The next days the [...]

    27. Star 1: It's a remake of a story that has honestly been remadeoh. many times. But since this was my first Arthurian Graphic Novel, it's unique in that way. I give it props for being different and actually telling a very wonderful story through the pictures. Sometimes the words didn't say it all. Star 2: The drawings weren't my favorite only one star out of two again. I do think however, that the coloring and shading was gorgeous, even if the drawings themselves looked a little too sketched-out f [...]

    28. I don't usually read graphic novels but I liked this one because the ending was a lot better then what I predict it was going to be. I predicted that a Arthur was going to die and it would show who was going to be the next king. Instead, Arthur went back to the other realm and continued to live on. But the only question I have is: If Merlin was good, then why did the darken his face through out most of the book?

    29. I liked the art, and I didn't mind too much that they took a different sort of aproach to the legends of King Arthur. Some will hate the liberties taken with the story, but I guess that's the way legends work.What I really didn't like in the end was the fact that the entire cycle of Arthurian legend was jam packed into such a short book. None of the elements was explored too its fullest and characters were underdeveloped, and I just felt a little short changed.

    30. This graphic novel tells one of the many versions of the King Arthur tale. Arthur's time in Avalon, his relationship with the Lady of the Lake and Merlin and the betrayal of Lancelot and Guinevere. This was a version of the King Arthur tale that seemed to pull from lots of different versions of the story. I thought it was an interesting version of the tale. I loved the art style, I thought it fit the story very well.

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