We Were There, Vol. 14

We Were There, Vol. 14

Yuuki Obata 小畑 友紀 / Dec 06, 2019

We Were There Vol Reads R to L Japanese Style for audiences T Nanami Takahashi falls for Motoharu Yano the most popular carefree boy in class For Nanami it s first love but Yano is still grieving the death of his

  • Title: We Were There, Vol. 14
  • Author: Yuuki Obata 小畑 友紀
  • ISBN: 9784091333902
  • Page: 136
  • Format: None
  • Reads R to L Japanese Style , for audiences T Nanami Takahashi falls for Motoharu Yano, the most popular, carefree boy in class For Nanami, it s first love, but Yano is still grieving the death of his girlfriend who died the year before.

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    1. Every volume of We Were There always seems to leave me teary eyed and this volume is no exception. This series definitely relies heavily on its bittersweet atmosphere, and if that isn't something you like, I'm not sure how you made it to volume 14. Unfortunately, this volume was really all about mood and set-up and so nothing major happens. Looking forward to the next volume to have some kind of resolution.

    2. Nanami makes peace with Yano, but he tells her that they cannot be together because Yamamoto needs him. He urges her to leave him forever and move on with her life, and so she does or at least she's going to try. Later, Takeuchi, knowing that Nanami is unable to let go of Yano, tells her to get out of his life forever. All of these years that Yano had been gone, Takeuchi had been there to support Nanami, and now that everything that had held her above the water this whole time is gone she's goin [...]

    3. Oh dear. I'm really going to need this series to give me something solid again soon, at this point it's basically sliding by on the mangaka's talent for infusing all of her art with a sense of melancholy. It's lovely! It would be nice if I felt there was something to grip at with the plot and characters though. 3 stars

    4. This was quite a calm book. A lot still happened though.Yano and Nanami meet and talk and Nanami finds out Yuri + Yano (view spoiler)[are living together/are together (hide spoiler)]. Yuri visits her mom (who apparently had a stroke and is now hospitalized).So many tears. Poor Yano, poor Nanami. Oh my gosh that ending part. *cries*

    5. I finally had the courage to finish this because it was something that I can relate to. I was quite scared on what might happen in the ending and so I decided to let half a year pass before I finish reading it. Well, you'll see what I'm talking about :)

    6. Woah, theres been so many weird info dumps, that I'm getting confused as to which volume I'm in. And why is Yano randomly hanging out with Takaeuchi? I thought their friendship didn't work out. Seriously, so much drama, but I love it. I'm really sad that I have a few chapters to go.

    7. "This is exactly what you did to Takahashi, isn't it? Just like casting a precious ring into the sea, you just threw her away. Can't you see that Takahashi is drowning?"Takeuchi doesn't hold back with calling Yano out on his BS! So I have my suspicions that this story will end with Nana and Yano together I would prefer if it would end with Nana realizing that Yano is a tool, and getting back together with Takeuchi who is always there for her.

    8. I had first watched this as an anime called Bokura Ga Ita in Japanese with subtitles. It was some time after the series was made available in the US through Viz in manga format. While I have seen the anime in its entirety, the manga series has deviated from the anime and I am not sure how many books are in the series or where exactly it is going to go. Book 14 just came out and I will have to wait until November 6th for vol 15. Argghhhh!!! I love this story, but it is an emotional one.Nanami is [...]

    9. Eppur non capisco come mai Yano sia considerato un eroe per aver fronteggiato tutto quello che ha passato. Si è semplicemente chiuso in se stesso, ha mandato a quel paese tutti i suoi amici e si è comportato in modo osceno con tutti. Eroe positivo dove?Perché sì, dopo anni lui e Nanami si incontrano all'aeroporto e lui fa come se non gliene fregasse nulla e parte lo stesso Jeez!E sì, caspita, anni e anni ad aspettare Yano e la povera Nanami non ha mai combinato nulla con i ragazzi. Mentre s [...]

    10. The words that hurt me so much Where these by Nanami" wrong you say ?""What do you mean by it?"" Just say that you prefer the happiness you found with someone else than being with me or else I won't be able to accept it" Tearful moments .Glad that Yano just has a mental brake down I mean it's all because of losing his mother the way he did. So sad .he had no reason to live anymore ,he couldn't find Nanami and he changed.Glad he's back to being honest to Nanami.

    11. I'm starting to love this manga again. There has always been problems and there aren't much lovey-dovey moments so middle volumes were kind of boring but it is coming to an end now~ I can't wait to read the final volume~ Overall, it's great for people who love to read a slice of life manga.

    12. It's been a long time since I last read Bokura Ga Ita and it still leaves a choking feeling. Like you're about to cry.I really don't know how it'll end up. I've long given up on it. But this is still the manga that feels so real and raw with emotion.

    13. My favorite romantic mangaI love this series. Poetic, subtle, funny and real somehowl the same.time. the art is so beautiful and soft. Highly recommended. I laughed and cried.

    14. I don't know what else to say that I haven't said about this series. Just this seriesddramatic.essing at timesjust ugh! Emotionsfeels and all that is how I'd describe the series.

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