Friday Night Jamie

Friday Night Jamie

Bren Christopher / Feb 28, 2020

Friday Night Jamie Jamie is an accountant who lives by a strict schedule Every day is planned the future is predictable And that schedule includes one night a week when he allows himself to blow off steam at a gay dance

  • Title: Friday Night Jamie
  • Author: Bren Christopher
  • ISBN: 9781607378877
  • Page: 364
  • Format: ebook
  • Jamie is an accountant who lives by a strict schedule Every day is planned the future is predictable And that schedule includes one night a week when he allows himself to blow off steam at a gay dance club in the City One Friday night he gets than he bargained for when he meets Matt, an out of work stranger with long dark hair and rough hands The attraction is unJamie is an accountant who lives by a strict schedule Every day is planned the future is predictable And that schedule includes one night a week when he allows himself to blow off steam at a gay dance club in the City One Friday night he gets than he bargained for when he meets Matt, an out of work stranger with long dark hair and rough hands The attraction is undeniable but Matt does not fit Jamie s idea of the perfect man to share his carefully ordered life.Instead, Jamie longs for a date with his dream man handsome, sophisticated Keith, a successful Vice President at his prestigious New York accounting firm, a man on his way up.But everything changes when Jamie discovers a suspicious error in one of his accounts Suddenly, he finds himself on the run from both the mob and the FBI and the only man who can help him is the tall, dark haired stranger he rejected Because Matt is not who he seems and neither is Keith.Words 65,000

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        Bren Christopher has been an avid reader since she was a kid, but it wasn t until she discovered erotic romance that the characters who had been content to reside in her imagination started insisting they needed a wider audience Matt and Jamie of Friday Night Jamie were the first, but others followed in rapid succession She s had a lot of fun helping her folks come to life, and hopes you have just as much fun getting to know them.


    1. 3.5 starsJamie Morgan is a CPA at Brooks and Stillman Accounting Services, New York. He has a regular schedule in life -- weekdays, he will be working. Fridays will be the time to go out to the club and have fun. Saturdays will be time to recover from Friday nights, doing grocery or laundry. He also has an ideal dream man, someone with stability -- someone like Keith Brooks, the VP Marketing at the same office. Then one Friday night, he hooks up with Matt, a stranger with long dark hair, rough h [...]

    2. An enjoyable story. Jamie isn't looking for love (he has abandonment issues so can't give up his heart), just casual hookups on Friday nights. Luckily he meets Matt who is very patient! A night of hot sex turns into more hot sex, all while Jamie, an accountant, is unintentionally entangled in a money laundering scheme.There are bad guys everywhere and lots of opportunity for Matt to play hero!3.5 stars

    3. During the week Jamie is a self controlled, hard working accountant. He knows that on the surface he seems like a dull man and with his regimented life and love of number patterns, it’s difficult for him to find that perfect man, especially when, for Jamie, that man is his charismatic boss and nephew of the firm’s CEO. However, on Friday nights, Jamie throws off his dull accountant look and dresses to kill, spending his one night of the week partying at the gay clubs and in back alley encoun [...]

    4. 3.5 stars This book had solid writing, engaging characters and an endearingly flawed POV character (good use of POV, too), really nice character and relationship development, and a decent storyline that was part of the relationship development but interesting on its ownunds great (and it is), so why not give this more stars?For one reason: the sex scenes. This author, unlike many, actually writes steamy sex scenes that are true to the characters and aren't just cookie-cutter. I enjoyed them and [...]

    5. This book is tough for me to rate. The very very beginning when J meets M and (view spoiler)[ they have sex in the alley and (hide spoiler)] blah blah I was ok with that and I was even liking J am M (Note: I always liked M he was way too good for J) Then somewhere early on stuff happens and blah blah J sleeps with K and it completely ruined the book for me because poor faithful M is just getting shitted on repeatedly… And after J slept with K and how he was treated the fact he agreed to contin [...]

    6. I was surprised how much I liked this book.Jamie loves his schedule, he's not OCD but after having little to no structure growing up, he needs to have it now.He has an ideal man he wants to build a future with, but until he find him, he's happy letting off steam on Friday nights at the club.That's where he meets Matt. I have to say, I wasn't quite sure why Matt was so enamored and patient with Jamie in the beginning, but I am glad he was. (I want a Matt)Jamie is a good guy who gets involved with [...]

    7. I really enjoyed this story. I loved how Jamie needed structure in his life and the reasons why as well. Friday night Jamie was so interesting and seeing how different he was that night compared to every other time was something I really enjoyed reading about. I know his reasons for blowing Matt off were valid to him but I wanted to smack him on the back of the head. Matt is wonderful. He's definitely Mr. Tall, Dark, and Handsome. He knows what Jamie needs and wants to give it to him. It's frust [...]

    8. I loved this book. It had great characters, plot, and romance between the protags. The mystery kept me guessing until the very end. My only niggles were that (like others said) there were a few too many gratuitous sex scenes and that I could sort of - but not quite - entirely understand what Matt found appealing enough about Jamie that first night to come back for more.I really liked the depth and subtlety with which Jamie was drawn. We were given enough background to understand why he is the wa [...]

    9. Very enjoyable story about Jamie, an accountant who is obsessed with his schedule but breaks out every Friday night, and Matt, an ex-cop who is in love with Jamie. Jamie finds some financial discrepancies in an account at work and notifies his boss, setting a chain of events in place that threaten both his life and others around him. Matt and Jamie are very appealing, natural characters and their romance really shines. The plot is intriguing and I couldn't put this book down. I totally agree wit [...]

    10. 'Friday Night Jamie' was my second read by this author and even though it wasn't as good as I had hoped. Interestingly enough upon further investigation I discovered this was in fact the author's first book and that the book I read previously was in fact one of her later efforts. Which for me speaks well for the author as I found 'Second Chance Sam' to be a much better read, rating 4 stars from me versus the 2.5 that 'Friday Night Jamie' earned.Try as I might I just couldn't fully connect with t [...]

    11. I bought this on a whim, because I wanted something different. I am glad I did. I really liked this, but I wish it was a dual POV. I wanted inside of Matt's head--I wanted more of his past. What made him go after Jamie in the beginning? Jamie, oh Jamie, his past has made him have a fear of abandonment and now he needs a schedule. He's driven and a hard worker, which he's a CPA at an accounting firm at Brooks and Stillman. The only day he's "allowed" to cut loose is Friday nights where he goes ou [...]

    12. Okay, I have to say ITThis story is totally alive. The main couple, Jamie and Matt, are HOT.Great writing and the story is fantastic. The plot is interesting and Jamie is just like Matt unique.You get, good dialogues, funny behaviour, deep feelings and logical behaviour. I loved this story. Worth the money!! Great work, thank you!!! Now I hope some writers will read the book and see what I mean when I say state a fact that the feelings are real, you can feel them, see them and characters are ali [...]

    13. Friday Night Jamie is a pleasant romance with a primarily character driven plat and an action plot that drives the story to a certain degree. As a lover of character driven stories which focus on the emotions between the main characters and the feelings as they evolve, I found Bren Christopher’s book to be an enjoyable read. Jamie is an orderly person who likes to live life by his rituals and schedules. When he encounters an irregularity in one of the accounts he was covering for an ailing col [...]

    14. Nice debut novel. It had a few freshmen moments in the beginning but found its feet fairly quickly. The romance between Keith, and the romance between Matt worked out about as well as you may expect, though, the back story on Matt was a lot different than I thought it would be. It was original and much more interesting. The action worked. Most of the pieces are right there is the synopsis, but there are those final couple of things that the reader is trying to figure out as the story progresses. [...]

    15. Even in the world of m/m romance books, Friday Night Jamie is not high literature. It won't make my best of the year list, even if I did one for romance books only, nor is it all that original. What it is, is a whole lot of fun. This is the kind of story Lifetime makes into movies, and who doesn't binge watch those every once in a while. Why hasn't anyone started a gay version of the Lifetime channel, I can promise it would be a huge hit.Lifetime movies have, for the most part, have two essentia [...]

    16. Jamie is an accountant who lives a pretty rigid life and is waiting for Mr. Perfect, who might be a VP of marketing at his firm. Smooth, rich, ambitious. Most Friday's he goes to a local club where he lets loose. He looks up with Matthew and when Matthew asks for a date he says no, dating Matthew doesn't fit into his well-ordered life. When he finds some accounting irregularities at work things start to go downhill and before long he's being drugged by Mr. Perfect, on the run from the mob and th [...]

    17. This is a nice mix of a modern style romance & corporate crime that Jamie unwittingly finds himself involved in. Jamie is an accountant & a person who lives by his schedule & Friday nights are his time for club hopping & hooking up, which he promptly does one night with Matt. Jamie is very leery of going beyond that for reasons that are explained throughout the book. In the meantime, there's a side plot of something going wrong at Jamie's work. The story unfolds at a nice pace, b [...]

    18. Bren Christopher has written a romantic suspense that kept me so involved I didn’t put the book down until I hit the last word and then I still didn’t want to put it down. Not because the author left me hanging, but because I had become so attached to the characters I just wasn’t ready to let them go. I fell in love with both Jamie and Matt. Jamie has this image of how he wants his life and who he wants in it so it isn’t easy to let that image go. Matt is a man who knows what he wants an [...]

    19. 4.25 I really enjoyed this story. The pacing was good, the story was interesting, the mystery wasn't obvious, there was danger and action and a hospital scene. (YEA!) I liked the characters. The sex was hot and varied (although there was too much of it). They used a condom for oral sex and I was shouting hallelujah because it bothers me so much in books when they swallow a strangers come but then use a condom for intercourse. The timeline was a bit off. At one point it was still Monday but tomor [...]

    20. A good read. A bit of a mystery with Jamie being an accountant who spots a discrepancy on one of his accounts. Having met Matt the Friday night before at a club, Jamie finds him to be an ex-cop, which helps the plot unfold. A lot of twists and turns keep you guessing right till the end, but at no point did I, as a reader, feel left behind or lost in the plot. A hea ending, but it would have been nice to have more involvement from Matt's family and a bit more of a jucier ending. Steamy switch sex [...]

    21. Having an accountant as the romantic lead deserves one star by itself. I took to Jamie rightaway and liked Matt more than Ami did though I mostly agree with her review. I have no quibble about the amount of sex, though, and did not think that it detracted from the suspense. Could be because I didn't go in expecting a suspense-with-some-sex, but rather the other way round and so wasn't disappointed.If this is Christopher's first book, I certainly am looking forward to his next one.

    22. the beginning was promising but at the halfway point all the extra mystery/corporate espionage/mob drama was just too extra. it seemed too forced even though it was introduced early. i had less than a quarter of the book to go when i gave up. i'm sure it will all be wrapped up quite prettily so I'm going to read something else now. sorry for the lack of quality in the review.

    23. 3.5 stars. Good m/m romance (that turns into romantic suspense along the way) about an accountant from a rough background who works diligently during the week, then goes out to pick up a different guy every Friday night.

    24. I read the book, and it's well written, but the plot is one that I've read before. There was little, if anything, that was new, compelling, or intriguing. I give Friday Night Jamie three stars.

    25. My less than 5 stars all have to do with plot lines, so rather than write out spoilers I'll just say that I enjoyed the characters and the writing style. I'd read more books by this author.

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