Not My Daughter

Not My Daughter

Barbara Delinsky / Nov 19, 2019

Not My Daughter When Susan Tate s seventeen year old daughter Lily announces she is pregnant Susan is stunned A single mother she has struggled to do everything right She sees the pregnancy as an inconceivable tr

  • Title: Not My Daughter
  • Author: Barbara Delinsky
  • ISBN: 9780767928960
  • Page: 450
  • Format: Paperback
  • When Susan Tate s seventeen year old daughter, Lily, announces she is pregnant, Susan is stunned A single mother, she has struggled to do everything right She sees the pregnancy as an inconceivable tragedy both for Lily and herself Then comes word of two pregnancies among other high school juniors who happen to be Lily s best friends The town turns to talk of When Susan Tate s seventeen year old daughter, Lily, announces she is pregnant, Susan is stunned A single mother, she has struggled to do everything right She sees the pregnancy as an inconceivable tragedy both for Lily and herself Then comes word of two pregnancies among other high school juniors who happen to be Lily s best friends The town turns to talk of a pact As fingers start pointing, the emotional ties between mothers and daughters are stretched to breaking in an emotionally wrenching story of love and forgiveness.

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        I was born and raised in suburban Boston My mother s death, when I was eight, was the defining event of a childhood that was otherwise ordinary I took piano lessons and flute lessons I took ballroom dancing lessons I went to summer camp through my fifteenth year in Maine, which explains the setting of so many of my stories , then spent my sixteenth summer learning to type and to drive two skills that have served me better than all of my other high school courses combined I earned a B.A in Psychology at Tufts University and an M.A in Sociology at Boston College The motivation behind the M.A was sheer greed My husband was just starting law school We needed the money Following graduate school, I worked as a researcher with the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, and as a photographer and reporter for the Belmont Herald I did the newspaper work after my first son was born Since I was heavily into taking pictures of him, I worked for the paper to support that habit Initially, I wrote only in a secondary capacity, to provide copy for the pictures I took In time, I realized that I was better at writing than photography I used both skills doing volunteer work for hospital groups, and have served on the Board of Directors of the Friends of the Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center and on the MGH s Women s Cancer Advisory Board I became an actual writer by fluke My twins were four when, by chance, I happened on a newspaper article profiling three female writers Intrigued, I spent three months researching, plotting, and writing my own book and it sold My niche I write about the emotional crises that we face in our lives Readers identify with my characters They know them They are them I m an everyday woman writing about everyday people facing not so everyday challenges My novels are character driven studies of marriage, parenthood, sibling rivalry, and friendship, and I ve been blessed in having readers who buy them eagerly enough to put them on the major bestseller lists One of my latest, Sweet Salt Air, came out in 2013 Blueprints, my second novel with St Martin s Press, became my 22nd New York Times bestselling novel soon after its release in June 2015 Making Up, my work in progress, will be published in 2018.2018 Yikes I didn t think I d live that long I thought I d die of breast cancer back in the 1900 s, like my mom But I didn t I was diagnosed nearly twenty years ago, had surgery and treatment, and here I am, stronger than ever and loving having authored yet another book, this one the non fiction Uplift Secrets From the Sisterhood of Breast Cancer Survivors First published in 2001, Uplift is a handbook of practical tips and upbeat anecdotes that I compiled with the help of 350 breast cancer survivors, their families and friends These survivors just blew me away They gave me the book that I wish I d had way back when I was diagnosed There is no medical information here, nothing frightening, simply practical advice from friends who ve had breast cancer The 10th Anniversary Volume of Uplift is now in print And the money I ve made on the book Every cent has gone to my charitable foundation, which funds an ongoing research fellowship at Massachusetts General Hospital Connect with me on Facebook facebook bdelinsky Look for my photos on Instagram instagram barbaradelinsky


    1. Although I have heard good things about Barbara Delinsky, I wasn't thoroughly impressed with her writing and I probably won't read more from her. I feel like I didn't gain a thing out of this book. The premise was appealing to me (pregnancy pact) but the book was really about what defines a 'good' mother. Which, as a mother myself, is also an appealing topic, but I just wasn't feeling this book. It went on and on about the same thing for countless pages. Even the epilogue was too drawn out! The [...]

    2. The premice for this story was intriguing (though highly unlikely). Four 17-yr-old girls from good families make a pact to all become pregnant at the same time. (This isn't a "spoiler comment," because it occurs in the first few chapters). They don't want husbands, just babies. For no apparent reason. Which is what makes the girls unsympathetic protagonists. How can we feel sorry for those self-destructive immature idiots? Of course, they can't support themselves, so they expect to live with the [...]

    3. I really enjoyed this book. I felt as though it was well written and well developed. Although the novel featured several characters, it was clear and not confusing. Each character clearly had their own thoughts and feelings. The plot was an interesting one and I enjoyed the novel the whole way through. The book was well rounded up, which is something that I prefer when reading a novel. Definitely an author that I'd Iike to read more from.

    4. This book is awful.There. I said it. It's painfully, horribly, disgustingly awful.The biggest problem with this book is that you have ZERO sympathy for any of the main characters. The premise is that a group of girls enters into this pregnancy pact so they can have babies together. What the book is actually about is how one of the mothers deals with it. And deals with it. And deals with it. For hundreds of pages.The author makes it impossible to feel sympathy or commiseration with the girls in t [...]

    5. "Ripped from the headlines," but with no depth. The characters were all very superficial and rather unbelievable. The perspective shifts between so many people that there's no time to develop enough of a backstory to make you feel like you knew any of them. The extent to which Susan's job was imperiled by the pregnancy pact was not believable. Why didn't she fight back sooner? And THEN after focusing on the job angle for the whole book, that whole storyline just gets dropped at the end, with bar [...]

    6. What constitutes a good mother? How much responsibility must a mother take for her daughter's poor choices?These are the issues at the root of "Not My Daughter." Susan Tate is a single mom to her seventeen-year-old daughter Lily. She had her own daughter at seventeen, her parents threw her out, and she has had to struggle alone for all these years. She has made something of her life and stubbornly clings to the hard-won control over her life. She is the principal at her daughter's school. At age [...]

    7. I found this book to be exhausting and very frustrating. The insipid behavior of the girls in this book was just ridiculous. It is a baby, not a puppy or a stuffed animal. Thene whole pact issue.It's a pact. No, it's not a pack. Yes, it is a pact. Well, maybe it is a pack behavior. At one point, who cares! The only part that made sense to me was Abby's reasoning for starting the "pact"I could understand her thought process.but as for the rest of themey should have gotten a puppy for companionshi [...]

    8. I usually like Barbara Delinsky, and I did read this book to the end, but I thought it was pretty flat. The characters were underdeveloped and not real. Maybe my problem is that I just can't understand how teen-aged girls could enter into a pregnancy pact in the first place, but I also didn't buy the way the girls and their mothers reacted to it.

    9. I read "Not My Daughter" by Barbara Delinsky as the book for this month for my new book club. I expected soap opera type drama and not much to think aboutwas I pleasantly surprised to find a compelling story with interesting characters. The premise is taken somewhat from newspaper headlines of an actual case that occurred several years ago. A group of girls, high achievers, happy, bright, well-adjusted from "good families" make a pact to get pregnant their senior year in high school. As I could [...]

    10. I have a confession: I feel mean writing the review I'm about to write.I have a feeling that Delinsky is one of those bestselling authors who is bound by contract to produce a book every year (or at least every other year). The books sell because the fans are loyal, but the quality of the writing suffers.The premise is compelling. Three teenage girls, best friends since childhood, have become pregnant. They have taken a pact to get pregnant and raise their children themselves, sans the fathers. [...]

    11. Three bright, college bound teens make a pact to become pregnant and have babies. News of the pact is quickly leaked by one of the friends. The community's anger and disappointment is soon turned on one of the mothers. the principal of the highschool. The mother having been pregnant herself at seventeen but still making a successful life.The story drew me in when I wondered, 'What the heck were they thinking?" And thent, what they were thinking was never really explained. The girls decided after [...]

    12. "Well, I know if I were in that situation I'd" How many times do we say that to ourselves, especially when it comes to the problems, struggles, and trials of others? "Not My Daughter" provides plenty of opportunities for reflection upon what we would do in a host of situations both large and small.Susan is the mother of a 17 year-old who gets pregnant on purpose. As an unmarried woman who had her daughter at 18, she finds herself thrown into a situation she never anticipated. The problem is comp [...]

    13. First let me say that I always seem to enjoy a Barbara Delinsky book. Not just because she is a New England author, but because her stories most always about real life situations. This particular novel is about a subject that would make most mothers of teenage girls cringe: A Pregnancy Pact.In a nutshell Lily, Mary Kate and Jess are three teenage girls, lifelong friends, who decide it would be a great idea to get pregnant at the same time, so that their babies too could be friends. The girls are [...]

    14. Not My Daughter tackles a topic that gets a whiff of media attention every now and then - pacts. In this book a group of 17 year old seniors all end up pregnant within weeks of each other and it comes out that they made a pact to all get and be pregnant together and then raise their babies together. Seemed so easy and cut and dry to them. Never mind the boys who fathered, unknowingly, the babies. Never mind their siblings who would have to endure teasing and scorn. Never mind their parents who h [...]

    15. This is one of those books where the discussion and questions brought up after reading are stronger than the actual book itself. The book chronicles the experience of Susan Tate: a single mother of one seventeen year old girl. A girl who happens to be pregnant along with two of her very best friends. It's news that rocks their small town: a pregnancy pact. To make things a little more interesting, Susan Tate is the acting principal at the high school all three girls attend, appointed in spite of [...]

    16. A fictionalized version of the real-life “Pregnancy Pact,” that took place in 2008, in Gloucester, Massachusetts with 17 high school girls expecting babies. This story takes place in the fabricated, small town of Zaganack, near the coast of Maine and only has three pregnant teenagers. One is Lily. Her mother Susan, is the principal of the high school. Lily and Susan are best friends with mother-duo’s of Kate and Mary Kate, Jessica and Sunny, and Pam and Abby. The books strongest point, is [...]

    17. Not my usual choice of literature, this book is definitely chick-lit. The reason I was interested is that it was inspired by a 2008 report of a pregnancy pact in Gloucester, Mass. In this story, 3 supposedly bright, college-bound Seniors make a pact to get pregnant at 17 because. . . . d here's where the story gets fuzzy. Understanding that the girls were best friends and thought it would be cool for their kids to be best friends too, and that the girls loved babies, I still couldn't buy the pre [...]

    18. Interesting story - four 17 year old girls decide it would be 'fun' to all get pregnant and have babies together. They don't want to involve the fathers at all, and don't really understand why their families think planning a pregnancy at 17 is a bad idea. There are so many characters and the story jumps around so much, that I got confused and had to keep thinking about what character was involved. That was distracting from the story. For some reason, the entire "fault" for the girls' pregnancies [...]

    19. Once again, Barbara Delinsky explores family relationships and their far reaching consequences in a compelling tale of desire and responsibility, of love and trust. In “Not My Daughter,” the subject of teenage pregnancies is the catalyst for other issues. With well developed characters and plot, Ms. Delinsky illustrates how a single decision can affect so many, even to the point of dredging up old problems from years before that were never resolved. When it becomes apparent that one mother m [...]

    20. I've always loved Barbara Delinsky's books and this was no exception. I thought that it offered tasteful insight into the world on teenage pregnancy and the repercussions that take place. There were certain parts that I got angry, like the fact that the school board and the townspeople wanted to point the finger at Susan(namely, because she was the school principal)and I found myself wanting to shake Susan's mother because she was so cold and unforgiving. And then there were the sad parts(Susan' [...]

    21. Not my daughter sheds some light on teenage pregnancy and the shadow it casts upon the family of the teenage mother. Even though I did feel some sympathy for the girl, I felt quite a bit of sympathy for the mother. I don't even have children, but my best friend in high school, who is still my best friend today, had a son when she was sixteen. I never thought about what people said about her mom behind her back, but this book made me consider the ideas. Good story.

    22. Just started but a book not to be put down finish! Finished today and must say was a "dont put down" bookhad tears parts because I related personally to this book, but a happy ending shows what mother-daughter-grandmother relationships are all about and how we should all get alongy worth reading

    23. I loved this book. One of the first things that first stood out to me was the names of some of the characters. I know a Jess, Kate and I'm a Lily.I loved how things came together, and seemed to have worked out n the best way.

    24. On a whim, I picked this up, because it seemed like an interesting topic-- a handful of high school girls from a prestigious town become intentionally pregnant. The topic sounded familiar, and indeed it is. A couple of years ago, this happened in New England to over a dozen teenagers in the same school.Along the same lines of Jodi Picoult, the topic takes your breath away-- almost any woman can insert herself into this story and test how it would feel to be in one of these many (about 15) female [...]

    25. I cannot say I fully enjoyed this one as much as I wanted to, but I didnt hate it either.A first for me from this author and I really was expecting more from it because of the subject matter, and it did start off well, but didnt get quite as good as what I was expecting.I didnt read any previous reviews of this so didnt realise it had so many mixed reviews, so I went into this not knowing what to expect, but somehow expected more.It wasnt the writing style so much, but the characters. I really d [...]

    26. This was the first Delinsky book that I've read. I might read another, but I don't feel compelled to do so (as I do with some authors because I just can't wait to read more of what they have to say). In this book, a small town principal's daughter is involved in a local scandal (that eventually becomes more than merely a local scandal) and the entire family (but especially the single-mother principal) must deal with the fallout. I found the description of the community gossip and school board fu [...]

    27. Abby, Jessica, Mary Kate, and Lily are best friends that do everything together, including getting pregnant. The pact results in one miscarriage, three pregnancies, and many bewildered and stricken parents. As the moms are best friends themselves, they turn to each other for support and try to figure out the next step. When Abby outs the others at school, Lily's mom Susan - the high school principal - find herself fighting for the rights of the three pregnant teens, as well as her job and her re [...]

    28. Not My Daughter is about a single mother, Susan, who is the principal of a high school in a small, conservative town, and her daughter, Lily, who becomes pregnant at 17. History is repeating itself, since Susan also got pregnant at 17, and raised her daughter, Lily on her own. The difference is that Susan did not plan on getting pregnant, while Lily did. In fact she made a pact with a group of friends and a total of 3 of them end up pregnant. Lily is a high achieving student and I had to suspend [...]

    29. Every time I think this is my favorite book by BD (like More Than Friends then The Secret Between us then While My Sister Sleeps) she writes another book and I love it even more. This book is my most favorite of her books. I loved every part of this book. I knit so I loved how the characters have their own knit shop. I like how she applied the knitting to life experiences. I had a daughter at 18 so I could relate with Susan due to then it was taboo and you didn't do that. I was hidden from peopl [...]

    30. This is actually a very good book. Everything that the people who wrote the book blurbs said it would be, but it left me wanting more and it left me wanting to change certain things about it. My list of things to change about it, goes like this.1. i wish there was more elaboration on Robbie's character. I feel like I really didn't know him at all, when I felt like I really knew Susan.2. I wish that they focused on the other pregnancies and not just Lily's mostly.3. I wish that the entire book wa [...]

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