Love Rules

Love Rules

Freya North / May 27, 2020

Love Rules An intelligent fun and feelgood novel about best friends about settling down and about throwing it all away

  • Title: Love Rules
  • Author: Freya North
  • ISBN: 9780007180363
  • Page: 188
  • Format: Paperback
  • An intelligent, fun and feelgood novel about best friends, about settling down and about throwing it all away.

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    1. I have just been more and more disappointed with Freya North's books lately. This book actually got me really annoyed and unhappy with life, myself and all the characters in this novel. I thought everyone was frustrating and they should all be miserable forever, except maybe the one person most punished in the end. So, why did I give it 2 stars instead of 1? Maybe I'm a fool but I didn't think it was that awful, given how good a writer North is. She does have a bizarre way with the characters sw [...]

    2. 3,5 I really don't know what to say about this book. It's definitly not the usual chick lit story or even caracters. It's more serious, less funny, and it gets us thinking.It was a little slow in the middle, too much unnecessary talk and ramble, but in the end it really grabs us.But I hated the ending. Maybe because it was a chick lit book and it was totally unexpected, maybe because I'm a hopeless romantic, maybe because it felt like the author was cheating me! I don't know what I'd have done i [...]

    3. I didn't have any expectations from this book having never read anything by Freya North before, and was expecting typical chick lit.However, it was much more involved, with a great storyline and well developed characters. The exploration of relationships was fascinating and thought provoking, and the twist with the character of Saul was something I certainly wasn't expecting!Based on how much I enjoyed this book, I'll certainly be reading more Freya North novels!

    4. This book started out quite slow, I found Thea's and Alice's personalities rather hollow and annoying - and the fact that Alice is so shocked when Thea does not agree with some decisions she makes is unrealistic - a woman in her thirties should know that actions like those are not favourable. But it did pick up in the end and it gathered pace. The storyline with what is discovered about Saul was the most interesting - i did enjoy that part. Overall - it was okay.

    5. I didn't remember any of this book so it was like reading it for the first time. Quiet good. Hated Alice at the start, not really sure why she expected her marriage to be happy when she didn't even love Mark in the first place. Was really really disappointed in Saul. Why did he do it? Why? :(

    6. Epic.I don't know why this amazing book was on my shelf this long. A friend of mine gifted it to me.I loved it.

    7. A clever, paced book about love, betrayal and modern relationships. I enjoyed the characters, and the sting in the tail. One of my favourite authors, and it was nice to see something a bit darker and a bit more convoluted. Much as I wanted to hate Alice, of course I couldn't, because I was rooting for that happy ending. The friendship between Alice and Thea is well written, and forms the basis of this book. Highly rec for curling up with a cup of hot chocolate (and marshmallows and maybe a dollo [...]

    8. should u follow your heart or your kead? this story follows the lives of mark, saul, alice and thea. one r a married couple and other are in a partnership but not living together follow their individual lives as they make mistakes, bot good and bad, in both their personal and professional life to be honest this one lest me cold. it felt really drawn out, probably due to the amount of narrative and there were quite a few times when i felt just like giving it up sorry freya but in truth would give [...]

    9. I like Freya North her characters have depth, faults and nasty traits. They are human and hence they seem like real characters. The book is written from the perspective of four different people and their relationships with each other. I liked the way each character had their own idea of what the rules/parameters of each relationship should be and their actions or reactions to one of the others breaching these rules.

    10. Extremely boring book. I couldn't get into the story at allt even sure what i have read in the first few chapters. Gave up until the 8th chapter. This book actually has a nice title, cover and synopsis, but the plot is bad, boring

    11. Sometimes I enjoy a bit of light-hearted chick-lit, but this (my first encounter with Freya North) really was far too fluffy for me. There are promising elements but I found the writing poor and quite frustrating, many of the characters slightly unbelievable, and certain scenes so cringe-worthy I almost stopped reading.Love Rules centres on Thea and Alice, long-time best friends but polar opposites. After a series of failed relationships with the same (wrong) kind of man, Alice decides it’s ti [...]

    12. I love Freya’s novels – usual light, full of quirky heroines and with recurring themes of intense female friendship and lots of lovely rude sex, they are nearly always on my summer reading list.In a departure from tradition, “Love Rules” breaks away from her conventional formula of concentrating on a single heroine and instead studies the more complex relationships of four friends – Alice, Thea, Mark and Saul. Alice and Thea are best friends, and following a string of temporary, misera [...]

    13. Dalo by sa povedať že táto kniha sa týka 4 dospelých postáv ktorý túžia po láske ale každý inak. alebo iným spôsobom ale predsa o láske.Celá kniha je písaná zo štyroch pohľadov a to postavy Alice, Thei, Marka a Saula.Celý čas sa v knihe riešia hlavne tieto témy: láska, vzťahy, manželstvo, sex, dôvera. ( Pri tom sexe: Nie nebojte sam tam to vôbec nie je dopodrobna opísané ak ste sa nato tešili). Nečkala som to ale vedela som sa vžiť do každej jednej postavy. Ve [...]

    14. Initial am fost putin sceptica in ceea ce privea aceasta carte. Face parte din colectia Romance de la Polirom, din care am citit 2 carti care nu mi-au placut in mod special. Una din ele era de aceeasi autoare, deci un alt motiv pentru a incepe cu cateva indoieli. Insa inca de la primele pagini am fost placut surprinsa sa descopar ca defapt este o carte bunicica, deloc siropoasa, si care nu te induce in stari de plictiseala sau mai rau, intr-o stare de apatie, o lipsa de chef si o dorinta de a la [...]

    15. I don't read much chick lit, but I bought this in a bind up for $2.00. This read like your general book in this genre, but towards the end I realized that this story had suprised me in a very specific way.There is a major twist involving the Saul/Thea characters (don't worry, I won't give any spoilers; nothing more than what's said in the synopsis). The twist isn't what surprised me, but the RESULT of the twist did. I was expecting things to get wrapped up in a much neater way, because, well, th [...]

    16. This is a strange chick-lit novel: we've got the character who's certain she's met true love (Thea), and the one who's settled down & should be living her happily-ever-after (Alice). But nothing is as good as it seems, and this book is a steep road that has many twists and turns as the characters face the reality (at times harsh) of the decisions they've made. I was very surprised by the ending, but found it good (and charming) nonetheless. I thought most characters were well developed, the [...]

    17. Taken from my blog rosiereview.wordpressI really, really enjoyed this book. It’s not your normal chick lit, romance novel. If you’re a sucker for a happy love conquers all story you might feel a bit cheated with this book. However Freya has written in a happy (if rushed) ending. I love her books, they aren’t the easiest of reads, but I think that is what appeals to me. There are some authors I read if I’m having a bad week and need to chill and read a book. But for the times where I feel [...]

    18. Freya North seems to be the British equivalent to Sophie Kinsella or Marian Keyes. Chick lit with a raunchier edge. I have read this book both in print and as an audiobook. The book is about two friends, each of whom has a very different view on love. The book chronicles the love lives of each woman, and each takes a surprising turn. The book could be considered outlandish, but the delicate subject matter is handled expertly--by the time you get to the "surprise" twist, the reaction is "Of cours [...]

    19. It has some nice catch phrases about love and desire that you will remember long after you read the book, but the story itself is boring, cliché and frankly very sexist. It completely undermines feminism, as the female characters may appear strong and modern to a reader who isn't paying much attention. But this a sad depiction of women living in a clearly patriarchal rape culture type of society, where "men are men" becomes and acceptable excuse and guilt is relative according to the gender. Ju [...]

    20. One word: Heavy. In what exactly? Love and sex. It was more than what I was expecting in a light chick-lit read. There was more philosophising about love than I felt I had the mind set to deal with and more stark sex than I had the stomach to handle. I think I would've liked it better if I knew what I was getting myself into but my misguided expectations feel unsatisfied. At least I know what to expect the next time I come across a Freya North novel.

    21. It was my first time reading Freya North books. The ending was amazing. I could not bare the thought that Thea would forget Saul and she didn't so I am happy and content. I was all the time afraid that this might be another hash bash of brain washing women that men can behave as such and its ok because THEY ARE MEN and modesty is only expected from women. I am so happy that I didn't waste my time reading such a book as Love Rules is exactly opposite to that.

    22. I enjoyed reading this book even though to begin with, I didn't think that I would. Part of this was because I had just finished reading Jane Eyre which took over a week to read and was a bit of slog. Therefore the complete change in writing style took me a little while to get used to.At first this sounds like it's going to be a typical 'Chick-lit' tale but it wasn't. I thought the story was unique and it was enjoyable to read. I would definately try another book by this author.

    23. Love rules:1. Its not who you love its how you love?2. You come to Love not by finding a perfect person but by seeing a imperfect person perfectly.3. Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own.4. Love is the triumph of imagination over intelligence.There are lot more but i dont beleive in them :):)

    24. I thought this was going to be a light and fluffy chick-lit read - how wrong I was.It tackles some deep issues around Love and Fidelity, and the differences between men and women.I really enjoyed the relationships between the characters. And, without wanting to give anything away, I felt their emotions really strongly.A really good read

    25. This book was easy to read. A bit dull in parts, a bit of frantic re-reading the previous page again in parts as I think all good chick lit books should be, and it wasn't too fluffly. With regards to getting inside the characters heads, it was a bit too much tell and not enough show, but it was easy enough to read that it broke my dry spell in reading, for which I am greatful.

    26. when i read this book at first thought aww how sweet, but where is book going to go? but what i love the most about it is that is wasn't a happily ever after book it was real and it deals with subjects matters that are real and relevant with in relationships and it about accepting and understanding people limits and morals.

    27. Very good. Totally turned around by the end in a way I didn't expect. Raised some interesting questions and offers many points of view, but some of the behaviour here is just off. It's definitely not a light chick lit and deals with some quite dark themes. A few people here behaved so badly I wished a way worse ending on them!

    28. **SPOILER** in this review!!I really liked this book at the beginning, as I thought it tackled some quite challenging themes around monogamy and fidelity. However, I was disappointed at the end to find the character of Thea eschewing love in favour of conforming to what 'polite society' deems right and wrong. I found it a bit twee and moralistic, when it could have been so much more.

    29. I raced through this book in the course of a weekend and really enjoyed it. Not particularly deep but not as fluffy as some chick lit, with believable characters and some good moral dilemmas. Sometimes Freya North's books can be a bit irritating but this did not fall into that category.

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