Le fantasticherie del passeggiatore solitario

Le fantasticherie del passeggiatore solitario

Jean-Jacques Rousseau Enrico Brizzi / May 27, 2020

Le fantasticherie del passeggiatore solitario Tra le pagine pi belle della letteratura moderna Le fantasticherie sono il risultato degli appunti che un anziano Rousseau prendeva nel corso di lunghe passeggiate meditando sulla natura sull uomo

  • Title: Le fantasticherie del passeggiatore solitario
  • Author: Jean-Jacques Rousseau Enrico Brizzi
  • ISBN: 9788817029902
  • Page: 491
  • Format: Paperback
  • Tra le pagine pi belle della letteratura moderna, Le fantasticherie sono il risultato degli appunti che un anziano Rousseau prendeva nel corso di lunghe passeggiate, meditando sulla natura, sull uomo, sul rapporto tra s e gli altri.Il grande filosofo illuminista, isolato e ormai messo al bando dalla societ francese, non pensava che queste pagine sarebbero state pubblicaTra le pagine pi belle della letteratura moderna, Le fantasticherie sono il risultato degli appunti che un anziano Rousseau prendeva nel corso di lunghe passeggiate, meditando sulla natura, sull uomo, sul rapporto tra s e gli altri.Il grande filosofo illuminista, isolato e ormai messo al bando dalla societ francese, non pensava che queste pagine sarebbero state pubblicate, cos le scrisse senza avere in mente un destinatario Per questo Le fantasticherie affidano al lettore il ruolo singolare dell intruso che scopre un segreto, dell indiscreto che viola l intimit di una vita.Rousseau ritrova nelle sue lunghe peregrinazioni in campagna, lontano dai luoghi mondani della Parigi del Settecento, gli ultimi momenti di serenit A dispetto degli uomini, sapr gustare ancora la gioia della societ e vivr decrepito con me in un altra et come se vivessi con un amico meno vecchio.Enrico Brizzi ammonisce che nella nostra epoca veloce ed esasperata suona con nuova forza l invito di Rousseau a puntare l aperta campagna, lasciandoci alle spalle gli ampi marciapiedi della civilt per rifugiarci nel tempo senza tempo dei sogni a occhi aperti.Solo cos , attraverso lo sforzo mai definitivo di passare dall estrema infelicit alla pi grande felicit , l uomo possiede la forza necessaria per sanare il dolore e riparare ai mali che si inflitto E quando si esauriscono la fantasia e il sogno, subito, si para, a soccorrere e a riempire il vuoto, il mondo sensibile, l universo muto del mondo vegetale, con le sue variet , i suoi colori, le sue strutture.Nell epoca fitta di urgenze che ci troviamo a vivere, appare ancora possibile sfuggire alla vacuit dei cerimoniali per raccoglierci vicino alla terra, liberare l anima e interrogare quanto abbiamo di pi sacro

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        Jean Jacques Rousseau remains an important figure in the history of philosophy, both because of his contributions to political philosophy and moral psychology and because of his influence on later thinkers Rousseau s own view of philosophy and philosophers was firmly negative, seeing philosophers as the post hoc rationalizers of self interest, as apologists for various forms of tyranny, and as playing a role in the alienation of the modern individual from humanity s natural impulse to compassion The concern that dominates Rousseau s work is to find a way of preserving human freedom in a world where human beings are increasingly dependent on one another for the satisfaction of their needs This concern has two dimensions material and psychological, of which the latter has greater importance In the modern world, human beings come to derive their very sense of self from the opinion of others, a fact which Rousseau sees as corrosive of freedom and destructive of individual authenticity In his mature work, he principally explores two routes to achieving and protecting freedom the first is a political one aimed at constructing political institutions that allow for the co existence of free and equal citizens in a community where they themselves are sovereign the second is a project for child development and education that fosters autonomy and avoids the development of the most destructive forms of self interest However, though Rousseau believes the co existence of human beings in relations of equality and freedom is possible, he is consistently and overwhelmingly pessimistic that humanity will escape from a dystopia of alienation, oppression, and unfreedom In addition to his contributions to philosophy, Rousseau was active as a composer and a music theorist, as the pioneer of modern autobiography, as a novelist, and as a botanist Rousseau s appreciation of the wonders of nature and his stress on the importance of feeling and emotion made him an important influence on and anticipator of the romantic movement To a very large extent, the interests and concerns that mark his philosophical work also inform these other activities, and Rousseau s contributions in ostensibly non philosophical fields often serve to illuminate his philosophical commitments and arguments.


    1. "ها أنا ذا وحيد في الدنيا لم يعد لي من أخ أو قريب أو صديق أو صحبة سوي ذاتي "بهذه التشاؤمية المفرطة يستهل روسو جولاته ونزهاته العشر التي يكتب فيها خواطره وهواجسه وخيباته في عالم النفاق والمكر الذي عاش فيه طوال حياته بين أناس لم يقدروا جهوده وإنسانيته وروحه الحساسة , يكتب وهو مض [...]

    2. A lovely and refreshing little read. The book is easy on the eyes and flows very smoothly. A book that captures Rousseau's daydreams while walking; rather therapeutic and even sometimes thought provoking. Its a light and refreshing read for philosophy lovers who want to cleanse their palate between long philosophical texts.

    3. If you read his Confessions, which is one of the great autobiographies, possibly the greatest, you will learn that Jean-Jacques Rousseau felt himself persecuted by virtually everyone with whom he was associated. Even famous figures of the day such as Denis Diderot and the Scottish Philosopher David Hume were counted by Rousseau as his tormentors. Although, from my perspective, I am not qualified to pass judgment on the poor man (as he saw himself), I do feel that possibly he was a bit too tightl [...]

    4. Revery seems to have fallen out of favor nowadays. If it's not one of ten million authorities emphasizing the need for efficiency and planned action, or modern evolutionists of all sorts (in business, in fitness, in the arts) convincing us that if what we're doing isn't in the name of advancement and improvement then it's not worth doing, or just us telling ourselves that we must keep up with everything and everyone else and so have no time to swim around in our own selves; revery has become the [...]

    5. Well, this sounded really good from the description: slightly crazy Rousseau at the end of his life, walking, thinking, bitterness, misanthropy, etc.However, in practice, it was like listening to that drunk guy at the bar telling you how everybody is against him, and how he really deserves better, and how he's really a great guy and that he's not really mad at these people (he calls them his 'persecuters') no, in fact he's found peace. But he emphasizes those last points a little too pointedly, [...]

    6. ها قد أمسيت وحيداً علي الأرض ، فلا شقيق لي بعد اليوم لا قريب، ولا صديق، ولا عشير لي سواي أهناك ما أخشاه منهم وكل شئ قد تم ؟ فإذن القذف والتشنيع والتحقير والخزي والعار، كل هذا قد خلعوه عليّ ، وقد بات لا يحتمل زيادة ولا تلطيفاً، فأصبحت في عجز، وهم كذلك عاجزون ، فلا هم يستطيعون عم [...]

    7. عشرة نزهات لروسو تجمع بين بوح الذات وتنقيبها ، يتخللها تأملات روسو الفلسفية, وعلاقته بالطبيعة وعالم النبات تحديداً، محشوة بمكنوناته وتصرفاته وتصوراته لذاته وعلاقاته الصعبة المتوترة الشبه معدومة مع الناس وغياب الثقة.بلغة شاعرية وقوة التعبير وحسية الاسلوب والصدق في البوحي [...]

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    9. أحلام يقظة جوال منفرد(خواطر- سيرة ذاتية)لـ جان جاك روسو (كاتب وفيلسوف من جنيف)ترجمة: ثريا توفيقطبعة: المجلس الأعلي للثقافةهو عبارة عن 10 جولات، كتبها روسو ما بين (1776 و 1778)، وهي آخر ما كتب روسو الذي توفي في 2 يوليو 1778 .كانت الظروف كلها مهيأة لإسعاد روسو إلا ظرفا واحدا: فقد كان يظن أن [...]

    10. این کتاب را میتوان بعد از اعترافات خواند یعنی ادامه همان تفکرات است البته بی خیالتر و آرام تر - روسو آخرهای عمر خود را طی می کند و حوصله ثابت کردن چیزی به کسی ندارد حتی حوصله تفکر و بحث کردن با مردم هم ندارم البته در این کتاب هم نظریاتش پر خوصوص آرامش و شادی و زندگی جالبهروسو با ا [...]

    11. Maybe I’m psychotic too but I really sympathised with Rousseau and the difficulties plaguing this marvellously intelligent man. Reading the Reveries it is so hard to believe that his “walks” were written over 200 years ago. Some may dismiss him as mad but for me I really think he was overly sensitive and suffered for a good part of his life from a persecution complex. He was also melodramatic, i.e.: “Everything is finished for me on this earth.”This doesn’t prevent him from writing b [...]

    12. .این کتاب انزواطبی ژان ژاک روسو را به قلم خودش تشریح می کندچیزی که دردی را دوا نکند دین کسی نتواند بود برای انکه چیزی دین کسی بشمار رود باید مفید باشد یا روزی بتواند مفید واقع شود.دروغ گفتن به صلاح خویش غدر و خدعه است دروغ گفتن به صلاح دیگران دغلکاری و دروغ گفتن به نیت مردم ازاری [...]

    13. قسمتی از متن عنوان یک کتاب: باز هم در این جهان تنها ماندم، نه برادری دارم نه قومی و نه دوستی که مرا بشناسد، یا از من یاد کند، در این اجتماع غیر خودم کسی را ندارم. مردی که محبوب همه کس بود، و افراد اجتماع را همانند خویش دوست می¬داشت، از همان اجتماع رانده شد. آنها در عالم کینه و حسد [...]

    14. في هذه الهواجس المسترسلة، ليست العزلة مايشغله، بل العزلة المنتهكة !هنا يحاكم روسو نفسه الشريدة، متأملاً في فلتاتها وطغيانها على تصوره العقلي في شؤون عدة ك ظواهر الواقع المتنافرة المتنازعة في قواها. كما ينازع أحكامه تجاه ذاته، والآخرين، و تقلبات أشياء هذا العالم، وما تمخض ع [...]

    15. هذا الكتاب يحمل أحاديث نفس حدّث روسو نفسه بها وآنس بها وحشته كتبها لنفسه ولم يكن يطمع في أن تُنشر في كتاب كما حصل، هنا تجد نتاج خلوات المرء مع نفسه وصراعه مع ذاته وعقله

    16. Sad ending to a life obsessed too much with what others thought of him, or perhaps his own obsession with fame and being loved. Hard to say. I wish he would have walked quietly off into the sunset for five years and then died. It would have said more than this work did.

    17. "ها أنا ذا وحيد في الدنيا لم يعد لي من أخ أو قريب أو صديق أو صحبة سوي ذاتي "

    18. You can see this book as the man looking at his life and seeking a peace with himself. Lots of people do. I'm a sod, though, so I just seen an endless whinge, a complaint lodged with the Almighty for the mistreatment the author has suffered at the hands of the Universe. The man had an appalling time of it - but when you read this book you can see why; I've never read anything so annoying, so self-commiserating, so self-obsessed. It makes you want to give him a hard time, and a lot of people did. [...]

    19. We all have our melodramatic moments. Rousseau seems to have nothing but. He wanders around the French countryside all "why does no one liiiiiike me? It's so looooonely at the top!" If he had been a teenager at the same time I was, he would have totally shopped at Hot Topic and I totally would have made fun of him (not to his face, I wasn't popular enough to merit that) for expressing the same curious blend of self-deprecation and narcissism that I felt at the same time, that really most teenage [...]

    20. روسو يشبهني، اقترب كثيرا من ملامح في نفسي في نزهاته العشرة حكى روسو الكثير من فلسفته في الحياة، ذكرياته المتناثرة هنا وهناك، فنحن حينما نكتب لأنفسنا دون دافع للنشر كما كُتب ذلك الكتاب في الأصل تظهر لنا من أنفسنا خبايا لم نبصرها قطالترجمة لطيفة وقريبة، ثمة شيء ناقص بالكتاب ل [...]

    21. Tenth Walk"I have spent seventy years on earth and I have lived for seven of them."Rousseau was born 1712 and died 1778Reveries was first published in 1782Written in his final years and published posthumously.

    22. My god, where do I even begin? Firstly, I think it's wise to have a general knowledge of what happened between Rousseau and his "enemies" before blaming him for being such a pessimistic, jealous old man. He had every reason to believe that people out there were coming to get him, because they were actually coming to get him. He was loathed by philosophes for he believed that sentiment was more important than reason, and it was certainly unacceptable for the rest of the great thinkers of the age. [...]

    23. "هأنذا وحيد في الدنيا , لم يعد لي من أخ او قريب او صديق او صحبة سوي ذاتي ."هكذا بدأ روسو اولي جولات احلام اليقظة , معدم , منبوذ , مرفوض من كل مجتمعه بسبب ارائه . قررت قراءة هذا الكتاب لانني ظننت ان روسو سيتناول احلام اليقظة من منظوره الفلسفي , سيريني جانب لم أكن اراه ولكن العشر جولات [...]

    24. يبدو روسو حساساً للغاية. يخاف من نظرات الناس، وكما يقول فإن نظرة واحدة أو إشارة من مجهول كافية لأن تنغص عليه عيشه! ولعل هذا يفسره أنه عديم الثقة بالناس، ويتصور أن هناك مؤامرة تحاك ضده. يتحدث روسو عن هواجسه بصراحة متناهية، وإن بدت في بعض الأحيان غريبة. كما يخصص جزءا من هذه الهوا [...]

    25. This book only gets three stars due to Rousseau's obvious talent. I cannot rate it any higher because I cannot stand what he represents. Rousseau is the root of modern day rationalizing, relativism and inflated self esteem. The most frustrating thing about reading this is that his sense of self worth and his paranoia has its roots in reality. He was truly both loved and hated in his time. Count me among those that would have been a hater. His justifications for his questionable acts, including a [...]

    26. Extra star for quotes like "The various periods of short-lived prosperity that I have enjoyed have left me with almost no agreeable memories of deep and lasting impressions: by contrast, in all the hardships of my life I was invariably full of affectionate, touching and delightful emotions which poured a healing balm over the wounds of my injured soul and seemed to change its pains into pleasures."But mostly this is just the sort-of adorable ramblings of a paranoid, deluded old fool.

    27. جان جاك روسو المتشائم هنا المجروح من فعل الناس وعداوتهم الباحث عن لذته في عزلته المستكشف لعمق أفكاره الحقيقة والكذب السعادة علم النبات وغيرها من الموضوعات من خلال جولاته التي يهيم فيها بعيدا عن الناس.

    28. في هذهِ النّزهات تتكشّف صورة روسو من جهات عديدةأحيانًا كنت أبغض صورة الرجل المنتهك، أو العاطفيّ الذي يعترف بذاته وحدها بطريقة -استفزتني شخصيًا-وأحيانًا أحبها، إذ في هذه النزهات حالات إنسانية جميلة.* الترجمة جيدة ولكن لم تعجبني تمامًا. ثمة تركيب سيء لبعض الجمل.

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